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    Posting on my twin build about finishing with sandpaper got me to thinking about when I was an apprentice. We apprentices got to spend a few months in the metalurgy dept where I worked. We were a bearing manufacturer that used many types of steels in our bearings. We did our own heat treating...
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    Silver Bullet and Hercules on sale

    I see Bob's wife Margaret has the castings on sale until 5/31/12.
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    Today's tool find

    This followed me home today. Looks to be a keyway milling machine. After taking pics I gave it a good dose of kroil oil as most parts are froze up. I'll leave it set a few days and when I have time I'll try to get it apart. It may actually be worth fixing up and putting a motor to it and see if...
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    A new engine design questions

    Seeing that my twin project is coming along well so far I would like to approach the forum for advise or help in the next design. I have been working on a design for a twin cylinder IC engine that is gearless in nature and it uses a cantilever connecting rod. The crankshaft will run in either...
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    Recent tool purchases

    I have recently purchased some tools that I think the forum may like. I received a phone call back in the fall from one of my former co-workers wife. Her husband is in the advanced stages of Alzhiemers and is in a nursing home now. She asked me if I would help her liquidate his tools. He is one...
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    Please mister, make me a star

    I know this a bit off topic but I hope you will find it of interest. I had to make some Christmas presents lately and upon completing one of them I was told that it needed a star placed on it. Here is how I went about making a 5 pointed star on the mill. First the rotary table was set on the...
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    Dave's twin

    Well, I have finally found some time to start another engine. This will be my first attempt at posting a build here so please keep this in mind as we go. Any helpful suggestions on my posting will be gratefully accepted. I like to build my own designs and I have been thinking about this one for...
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    Silver Bullet vs Hercules

    Since the subject of building Bob Shores Silver Bullet has come up I was thinking of something that may be of interest. If this has been brought up before, forgive me. I don't remember if I got this from Bob himself, I did get to meet him and talk to him on a few occations or if I read it...
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    $12 Shay ride

    My wife, daughter, son-in-law and myself took a train ride this past weekend. I have always wanted to ride in a train powered by a Shay locomotive and this past weekend I got my wish. This is one of the Shays used on the Cass Scenic Railway in Cass, West Virginia. This is an old logging...
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    Jeroen's build of the Stuart toolroom lathe has reminded me of some of the retirement gifts that were built where I once worked. One of the fellows that ran a turret lathe, who was very well liked by all, was given a model of his turret lathe upon retirement. The making of the lathe was a...
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    Side shaft gears?

    I happen to have an automatic transmission rebuild going on this week. This is for a car I'm putting together this spring to go racing. The output shaft has a helical gear hobbed onto it for the speedometer drive gear to mesh with. I counted the number of teeth on the gear and came up with 13. I...
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    Making a crossover cam

    Recently I posted a couple pictures of one of my scratchbuilt engines titled Gearless hit-miss. The engine uses a crossover cam to actuate the exhaust valve. I thought I would post how I made this cam. First I should explain its operation. The crossover cam has a groove cut into the OD that...
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    What's your best find?

    Last winter I broke the handle of my shop broom in two pieces trying to sweep the snow off of my snowplow. Well now I needed a new shop broom, so while at the store I figured I'd pick one up. They wanted a whole 15 bucks for just a broom so I figured i"d just do without, I'm kinda frugal as you...
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    Sideshaft Hit-miss

    I built this scratchbuilt sideshaft hit-miss engine a couple of years ago. It has a 1.25" bore by 2" stroke. The flywheels are castings I picked up at a show and the rest of the engine is from barstock. I bought the helical gears from Paul Diebold (they are from his Vaughn). The frame was made...
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    Downloading print files to a laptop

    Help! I draw all my drawings on a PC thats not connected to the internet. The drawing program I use is TurboCad. What I wanted to do was to download some drawings to a CD, then upload to my laptop which is connected to the internet. I would like to share some drawings by e-mail with another...
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    Gearless Hit-miss engine

    Hello again, I thought I'd should post a photo of one of my scratch built engines. I wouldn't want everyone to think I'm a smoke blower. I came accross this idea at the Portland In. gas engine show. There was an engine on display that used a crossover cam design to actuate the exhaust valve. I...
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    Stoning valve face

    Hi folks, Just me again. While I was on the subject of getting valves to seal properly I though you might like to see how I finish my valve faces. After turning the valve stem and finishing to size, diameter, then I cut the 45 degree valve face with a form tool I ground on a 45 degree angle...
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    valve seat cutter

    Hi folks, I thought you might like to see how I overcame the dreaded leaky valve seat problem. It always seemed like I was struggling with getting my valves to seal on my IC engines. I decided to make a valve seat cutter by using a piloted counterbore, the kind with removable pilots. The...
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    New member from Ohio

    Hello, My name is Dave Gibbs. I've been lurking here for a few months now, so I figured I should join. I'm a retired tool and die maker with over thirty years of experience. I worked for a leading bearing manufacturer for 30 years. For my last 10 years of employment I worked in what we called...