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    Piston rings for a larger stirling engine

    The smaller the bore diameter the more critical the piston clearance becomes. .0005 cylinder bore clearance is good but .0002 is better. You can not have piston rings this engine does not produce enough power for piston ring drag. Labyrinth Grooves act like zero friction rings. Labyrinth...
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    US State Boiler Code

    I live in Murfreesboro TN. There is a business in town called, Boiler Supply Co. they, service, sell, repair boilers. I talked to Dave the owner he gave me a copy of TN State Law. I can build my own boiler if it is smaller than 5 gallons. It does not have to be, inspected, tested...
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    How to post a picture.

    If you have a Facebook account you should be able to see this picture.
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    Another PeeWee

    Instead of plastic spacer I would make brass or aluminum spacer with cooling water holes drilled in it. Connect cooling water to spacer then run engine to see if that fixes the problem. If cooling does not solve the problem then you know carburetor is not getting too hot so spacer can be...
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    Most efficient steam engine design?

    I remember reading once how exhaust steam from #1 cylinder can be reused to power another #2 cylinder. I don't remember how well that works but I understand the physics, it appears to me back pressure on #1 cylinder will reduce its power and power to #2 cylinder should not be very high. This...
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    Most efficient steam engine design?

    Some steam locomotives in the late 1940s & early 1950s were equipped with a steam exhaust cooling system to turn exhaust cylinder steam to water so it can be used again. Has anyone every built a model engine that cooled exhaust steam to reused water.
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    Most efficient steam engine design?

    I took engineering in college I can do math and draw models on paper but I need to build engines and test them to know for sure how well they really work. You need to design each engine for the work it needs to do. Sometimes you need low RPM engines, sometimes high RPM engines, some times...
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    Mini Mill Stopped Working

    Chinese parts are top quality they manufacture parts for American companies according to American specifications. When American factories receive a shipment of Chinese parts American quality control tests them before they are sold or used. Buy a new replacement part ohm your part so you know...
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    Cylinder bore surface help

    I use to work in a factory that made cylinders they never honed any of the cylinders they used steel ball bearings to roll in the bore surface to make the metal smooth. It worked like a hone but instead of having a 600 grit stone it had 6 rows or .250" diameter steel ball bearings. Once the...
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    Soft copper tubing?

    How to upload pictures directly to this forum?
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    Scaling Stirling Engine?

    If you double the diameter of a piston it increases cross sectional area 3 times this gives the engine 3 times more power. You only need to keep internal volume of the engine the same ratio as before, do the math before and after the piston diameter change. If you keep stroke of both pistons...
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    But what does it do?!?!? (Bring it on...)

    When I first started building engines they did nothing but run. I decide if it cannot be used for something useful then way build it. My 1.5" bore x 2" stoke steam engine turns a 24" fan blade so fast it is dangerous. It produces a tornado or air that stirs up a dust that will choke a...
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    Has anyone every seen or built a Steam Powered FAN?

    Yes a closed system will work. I did an experiment to see how much copper tubing it takes to cool the steam, it takes 60 feet of 1/4" tubing with natural air cooling, no fan. Maybe tubing can be shortened to 50 ft or 40 ft with the fan running and cooling the copper tubing. Where you going...
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    Has anyone every seen or built a Steam Powered FAN?

    I heat my work shop with a wood stove in winter. I set my sterling fan on the wood stove to run and circulate the heat all day with no attention at all but a faster more powerful fan will work better. My idea is to build a water tank that sets right on top of the wood stove then build a 1...
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    How do you keep going on a long project like Lady Stephanie Beam Engine

    I don't like projects that last several months. I never spend time making my projects look beautiful, I'm not entering it in a beauty contest. It has to run good an that's all.
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    Why a forum on disabilities?

    Be careful some doctors will cut on you just to make money. I have been to several doctors wanting to do back surgery on me. I am a mechanical engineer not a doctor but I am smart enough not to believe the first doctor I talk. After talking to 1 doctor only 1 minutes he scheduled me for...
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    Why a forum on disabilities?

    I have had doctors tell me, you will die with prostate cancer not of prostate cancer. If your over 70 you will probably die of something else before you die of prostate cancer. My father found out he had prostate cancer at 75 he lived to be 93 and never had surgery or treatments. My neighbor...
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    Why a forum on disabilities?

    My biggest problem these days is motivation. I have a lot of pain in my back, hips & legs. I can play in the work shop as long as I have a chair. I love science it took me several years of experiments, building, testing, I finally built a small German V1 pulse jet engines that will run for a...
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    broken tap in aluminum cranckase

    Muriatic acid not nitric acid. I don't think you will find nitric acid unless you know where to look it is not sold anywhere. Muriatic acid comes in 29% and 40% either one will work I have used them both. It has a very toxic gas set up a fan to blow it away do not breath it or get it in you...
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    broken tap in aluminum cranckase

    Put the tap extractor on the broken tap then put 1 drop of Muriatic acid acid down the hole. Wiggle back and forth a bit and watch it foam. Put more Muriatic acid in the hole 1 drop each time soon aluminum burs that hold the broken tap will be eaten away then the broken tap will screw out. Be...
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