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  1. cox24711

    British Seagull 4 Stroke Idea

    Recently in a daydream during assembly at school I had the idea of bringing British Seagull back, with new model, a single cylinder 102cc ohv 4 stroke using mostly the same parts as the original as possible. like the gearbox, props, mounts, flywheel, water pump, carburettor and fuel tank just to...
  2. cox24711

    A diesel kiwi

    hello Chaps Recently I have been modeling on fusion 360 a Kiwi by the great ETW. (to take to one of my local foundries to cast for me, due to the cost of the shipping the Hemingway kit, to Australia being truly ridiculous. and because my parents do not like the idea of me messing around...
  3. cox24711

    mystery tool

    hello everyone Recently I was at the dump and I stumbled across an australian army ww2 ammo box full of old tools and rock drilling bits, and being me I bought the lot for $20 and I am wanting to know what this tool is from what i can tell it is some sort of ratchet that can only go one way...
  4. cox24711

    opinions on the rodney miller

    hello everyone lately I have been looking for a small milling machine and I was wondering what you opinions were with the rodney miller for my ml7? also any suggestions on mills would be greatly appreciated thanks all Greg
  5. cox24711

    Single Sleeve Valve 'diesel' Engine

    hello again chaps, I have been working on this one on cad for the last couple of months. It all revolves around a stihl fs 66 piston and rings. It is a Four Stroke Single Sleeve Valve 'diesel' Engine. It isn't a true diesel, but it is ignition compression. the bore is 31 mm or 1.220' inch and...
  6. cox24711

    C. Starnes "monoblock" 3.5cc diesel

    C. Starnes "monoblock" 3.5cc diesel from Model Maker September 1961
  7. cox24711

    sleeve valve cylinder ports shape, and drive stroke questions.

    Hello again HMEM I have some questions in regards of a sleeve valve engine I am designing (single sleeve like the barr and stroud sleeve valve engines) what is the ideal shape for the ports in the cylinder and sleeve for maximum flow? and what would be a suitable stroke of the sleeve drive? The...
  8. cox24711

    Diesel head for a Webra Speed 61 RC

    Hi all! long time no see (thank you very much school :p ) recently I have been measuring number crunching and drawing up plans for my latest project (as the title suggests) A Diesel head for a Webra Speed 61 RC because why not? :D the Webra speed 61 is the perfect example of an engine to do...
  9. cox24711

    Does anyone have plans for Starnes "monoblock" 3.5cc diesel?

    Hello again, fellow machinists Currently I am looking for plans for C. Starnes "monoblock" 3.5cc diesel from Model Maker September 1961. Thanks Greg p.s here are some photos of them
  10. cox24711

    My Myford Ml7

    Hello the Hmem community I would like to show you My mid 1956 Myford Ml7 it came with a load of spare parts, a milling attachment, it has a clutch, a dial indicator, lots and lots of tooling (carbide and hss), all the original manuals, all the change gears (metric and imperial) and a whole...
  11. cox24711

    My Webster model 4 stroke engine

    Hello HMEM for those who don't know I am Greg and I am 14 years old I have been making this webster model 4 stroke engine for about a year, due to not having a lathe (mine is on the way!! I'll give you a hint: it is grey.) I had to use school's Hercus 260 (which hadn't been used in 10...
  12. cox24711

    Australian Members; Looking for a Metal Lathe

    hi hmem Over the past 6 months been looking (and surfing the web) for a metal lathe to buy. my name is Greg and I am 14 years of age. I live in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I have been making a model 4 stroke engine (Webster 4 stroke engine) for the last year or so. Due to not having...
  13. cox24711

    help! does anyone have a copy of the motorboys mills 1.3 plans?

    help! does anyone have a copy of the motor boys mills 1.3 plans? because I can not access them because membership closed years ago :( thanks Greg
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