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  1. ZebDog

    3 radial cylinders

    I always wanted to build a 3 cylinder radial engine so I will be following this build.
  2. ZebDog

    Hi from Cambs UK.

    Your journey begins welcome aboard Roger
  3. ZebDog

    New Member From Midlands, UK

    Hi welcome to the forum Zane
  4. ZebDog

    New member from the uk

    Have a look at this
  5. ZebDog

    New member from the uk

    I would say it runs better than ok I like it. Thanks for sharing
  6. ZebDog

    New member from the uk

    An interesting engine welcome Cooksservices
  7. ZebDog

    New to Forum, Illinois

    hi and welcome from another Steve
  8. ZebDog

    Terry's Knucklehead

    Congrats on completion of your engine and what a great sound.
  9. ZebDog

    Hello everyone

    Hi harry welcome
  10. ZebDog

    Resurecting my Webster IC project

    Not a good pic but I used a spring from a pen on my Webster
  11. ZebDog

    Werowance builds a webster

    I don’t post much but I’ve been watch this build from the beginning and its looking good so far
  12. ZebDog

    Yet Another Webster Begins

    The Webster was my first I/C engine. I will be watching
  13. ZebDog

    Gday from down under

    hi Isometric welcome Have a look on the john-tom website lots of plans for simple steam/air engines. First time I/C build the Webster is a good starter
  14. ZebDog

    Hello from yorkshire

    Welcome to the world of engine building
  15. ZebDog

    The Most Hideous Running Webster 4-Stroke Ever.

    It looks good to me and a nice steady runner congrats on ya first fumes fix :)
  16. ZebDog

    Sideshaft i.c. Horizontal engine

    Con grats Brian on another running engine sounds very smooth
  17. ZebDog

    Elmer's nr 15 - fancy

    Congrats on your first engine, it looks like you’ve done a fine job
  18. ZebDog

    Newbie Machinist from Missouri

    Hi ya Al and welcome
  19. ZebDog

    Otto 4-stroke ala Jan Ridders

    Very nice well done.
  20. ZebDog

    Hello from Ireland

    Welcome Gary Lots of stuff on the sight from simple wobble engines to more complex projects.
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