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    A different engine configuration

    Hi Brian, Great project! The basic design is around 130 years old. Below is a video of an 1891 4 hp Van Duzen inverted walking beam engine along with a new re-design that a fellow in China is working on which is a horizontal version of similar design. Gil
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    Thomas & Smith Hot Air Pumping Engine

    Here's a fresh video. I documented some testing. Enjoy, Gil
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    Thomas & Smith Hot Air Pumping Engine

    Here's a video of my Fanning Hot Air Pumping Engine. It is made from the same set of castings as the Thomas & Smith model shown in this thread. Gil
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    6 Cabin Fever Expo 2020 Videos for Your Enjoyment!

    After many hours of editing, I have finally gotten 6 videos published. Enjoy, Gil Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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    Most efficient steam engine design?

    One of the most efficient designs ever was the steam-diesel for marine use. While very efficient compared to other existing power plants, it was a commercial failure given that it's operation required tending and maintaining by both a diesel engineer and a steam engineer. The limited number of...
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    Does anyone recognise this as an engine?

    I was reading and about to post food chopper when I got to Ray's post (#15). These are still used (and collected) in Amish farm country. Not an engine but very nice find, Thad! Gil
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    Verical hit and miss engine

    Why not just add a collar with set screws on top of the green spring? Just leave enough room above it for height adjustments. Or if you know the spring is too strong, pull out the top or bottom winding enough to snip off 1/2 to 1 coil at a time. When it is right, just stop. Disadvantage to this...
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    Design and build side-shaft hit and miss engine from bar stock

    Hi Brian, I’m glad to see you are still having fun with this project. While I am not a machinist, I am quite good mechanically. I am very good at getting things to run and run smoothly and slowly. Forgive me if I offer any already stale advice as I have not had a good look at your thread until...
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    Metals choice for up scaling strength

    Just a quick note..... Scaling up the entire project by 2 times will not change the compression ratio. Best of luck with your build.
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    CORLISS cylinder machining

    You are correct. It was the Fleet Corliss until Fleet went under and Peter became successor to Fleet. It is the same engine under the Southworth badge. I have a Fleet Corliss built by John McDivitt (completed 1986). It makes for a very elegant model engine. Here is a video of it...
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