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    Clanford Clan 0.24cc Aero engine

    G’day Creast When I made mine I machined the cap from delrin and then machined brass inserts which were assembled and then soft soldered in place. The biggest problem I found was finding brass tube small enough for the fuel intake and ended drawing it too the correct diamater using a drawing...
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    Building the Felgiebel

    Would you have a copy of the STL file for the crankcase that you would be willing to share? Rob.
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    Clanford Clan 0.24cc Aero engine

    Can I make a suggestion . The crankcase has a small counterbore to align the cylinder and there are only two screws to hold it all together . I would put a small stepped flange at the bottom of the cylinder to give a better bearing or sealing area. I found it very difficult to tighten...
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    My First Engine Build

    As Aerostar said the flat on the backplate is for piston clearance first turn the crankshaft through bottom dead centre and see if you can feel if the piston is binding on the backplate or even better machine the flat on the backplate as designed . Also check that there is no leakage on any of...
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    What I have been diong

    You recently sent me a message asking what I have been doing with model engines as I hadn't been in touch for a while. A while ago I had an accident at work with a table saw putting two of my fingers through a circular saw blade, and spent 5 days in hospital. My fingers are healing well and I...
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    My first home made model engine The Boll Aero 1,8

    Fair enough my mistake. I obviously wasn't paying attention.
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    My first home made model engine The Boll Aero 1,8

    G'day Modelmotor After looking at the photo's of your crankshaft with the undercut section of the shaft adjacent to the intake port on the shaft I would be very interested to know how well your motor runs. Because by machining away what looks to be, between .010" to .020" off the diameter of the...
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    Southbend toolpost, terrible finish

    G'day Naiveambition I have fond memories of South Bend lathes from my apprenticeship days. Your finish problems could come from a number different areas. 1. always make sure that your tool is dead on centre unless you are boring and then have the tool above centre. 2. Make sure that the compound...
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    B.J. Cicada build

    G'day Werowance from past experience, store bought diesel fuel is often low on the volatile component of the mix, so the home mix fuel is always a better bet, provided you can get the ether. Also only mix enough fuel for running on the day. On the crankcase leakage also check around the front...
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    B.J. Cicada build

    G'day Werowance I found your story again. Firstly, don't let someone else have the pleasure of starting your new engine for the first time, I would encourage you to persevere. From the sound of things there could be a number of things going against you. I would suspect that the fuel you are...
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    Polishing aluminum to a mirror finish?

    If you are polishing a part spinning it in the lathe, like an aluminium cylinder head with or without fins, try using a fine Steelo soap pad used wet. Try getting the best possible machined finish you can without using abrasive paper before you start polishing. If you want an even better finish...
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    honing or lapping a cilinder

    G'day Eirckwerkade Honeing is not that hard it is just time consuming. Find or purchase a piece of brass a little bigger than the bore of your cylinder. set it in the chuck with a bit over one and a half to two times the length of your cylinder and machine it down to about .001" - .002" smaller...
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    Piston/cylinder-lapped fit--no rings

    Gday Brian For internal lapping nothing can be easier. Laps are very easy things to make. Just get a piece of brass that is bigger than the final size required and machine it down till it is .001” to .002”smaller than the bore of your cylinder, your cylinder is approximately...
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    Boring a cylinder - need advice please

    G'day te5745 The main thing with setting up your boring bar, (preferably a boring bar with aproperly sharpened High speed steel tool bit), is to set it up with the minimum amount of overhang, make sure that the cutting edge is above centre, for a 1" bore use about .020" to .030" . Stone a small...
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    B J Cicada engine

    G’day Werowance The viton Oring idea is a dud. if nothing else as it goes past the ports they will eat your Orings Laps are very easy things to make. Just get a piece of brass that is bigger than the final size required and machine it down till it is .001” to .002”smaller than...
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    B J Cicada engine

    G'day Petit Your build so far looks good. Your crankshaft fit sounds fine, you need a small bit of play for lubrication. When you get to your piston and Contrapiston to cylinder liner fit is when you need to get a good fit. Rob.
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    sidevalve flat twin

    G'day Ownthesky It has mainly been run on the bench but it has had about a half hour in the air, until dumb thumbs took over and the model didn't survive. I started to build a new one but got side tracked with other things. I will have to get too and finish it as there isn't much to do. Rob.
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    sidevalve flat twin

    Gday Ownthesky Here are some pictures of my twin it looks a bit grubby these days it was finished in 1990, the same year my eldest son was borne. Hence its name Little Pete. After that it sat in a cupboard for a very long time, but now with my three kids have grown up I get a bit more...
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    sidevalve flat twin

    G,day Ownthesky Nice engine.and lovely machining job. Back in 1990 I made a 20cc twin using the same single throw configuration. At the time I was teaching eccentric turning to a class and when driving home from work I used to see an old BMW motor bike with the eliptical cylinders and rocker...
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    B.J. Cicada build

    G'day Werowance You shouldn't need to use the electric drill to start the engine. You are not trying to heat up the cylinder to make it start. You should be able to get it to fire by flicking the propeller over even if cold. It sounds like your fuel mix is incorrect or your compression needs to...
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