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    Talk about big steam engines !

    Take a minute to look at this big steam engine .
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    Mill Motor Problem

    The motor on my mill is making odd noises .It is 3 ph being run by a ph converter .It sounds like it is running with a miss in it .If that makes any sense . Any help will be greatly appreciated .Thanks Dale
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    Free Bentonite

    I have a lot of bentonite given to me I am willing to share Just pay shipping or pickup . I am in Lakeport Michigan . PM me for more info
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    Re: Dale's k 27 By Kozo

    What is the best type of hammer to use to form copper sheets ?
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    A cart for my K 27

    Hi Guys I want to build a cart and work table for my K 27 loco . Can any one help me with ideas As far as what works and what doesn't . This is a 3/4 scale loco. All ideas are greatly appreciated . Thanks Dale
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    k 27 wheels

    Hi here is a picture of the wheels I casted for my K 27 by Kozo . It was a lot of work ,I finely got them all done . A wonderful the way . Thanks Dale
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    Help Need A 3inch 3 jaw chuck

    I need a 3 inch 3 jaw chuck ,Can anyone lead me as to were i may find a good one. Thanks Dale
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    Team Build 8

    Has anyone throught about having another team build for this winter . Just wondering ? Dale
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    how do you clean your sharping stones

    How do you clean your sharping stones ,or do they not need to be cleaned. Thanks Dale
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    How I sharpen the ends of my end mills

    Here is what I do to sharpen the ends of my end mills . The mill in the pictures is a junk mill I used it just to show how it works .Hope this is of help to someone . I use the diamond stone for carbide . Dale
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    machining stainless

    I am trying to cut threads on some stainless steel on the lathe , it is coming out more like a rasp then a thread .What am I doing wrong ? I beleive it is #316 .Thanks Dale
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    sight glass

    Any one have any idea as to what material to use as a sight gage for my butane tank ? Thanks Dale
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    building a small butane regulater

    Has any one built a small butane regulater.Or were I can find information on building one . Thanks Dale
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    It really works

    I broke off three 3/64 drills today in a part I was working on .So I tried the alum trick and it worked great. Don't remeber who posted that trick but thanks you very much .Dale
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    My 0-4-0

    Some of my 0-4-0 Dale
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    cnc conversion

    I have been thinking about turning my bench top mill into a cnc . Any body have any thoughts or ideas on this . Dale
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    Clear power coating

    Hi Has anyone used clear power coating on polished brass.I am thinking of useing it on my 0-4-0 switcher.And if so did you like the outcome ,does it hold up well,does it look good . Thanks for any comments . Dale
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    LaBlond Regel Lathe

    On my lathe is a taper attachment ,I can not figure out how to use it. Could use some help .Thanks in advance. Dale
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    member map

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    orafic size

    Hi I would like to now how to figure out the orafice size on a 1/32 scale loc.that I am building .Can any one help me . Thanks ,Dale