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    For Sale Selling my dad's shop - Bridgeport, Linley Jig Borer, Southbend Lathe, Craftsman/Atlas Lathe, Deckel Grinder, Meteor Drill Sharpener

    To give you some idea of value for the Ddeckel grinder, you can compare with Chinese copies of this machine on ebay. You can find these by searching 'U2' and 'U3' grinders.
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    Getting in Trouble for Metal Chips in the House

    Wow, don't complain! She might give up her hobby, develop a liking for TV soaps, and start to insist that you do likewise! Meanwhile, regarding the 'dash (upstairs) to the bathroom' - errrr...someone I know quite well...errr...has a downspout going into a drain grid quite close to the shed...
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    Canned air is extremely explosive...

    I found that out when annealing a bit of brake pipe on a car, where I had sheared-off the nipple (and the flare on the end of the copper pipe) when taking off a very knackered slave cylinder. So when my ebay flaring kit turned up, I thought it would help to anneal the remaining pipe, on the car...
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    Loctite Question

    Perhaps a tangent - but at the industrial museum where I volunteer, we have piles (and piles) of Loctite products which have been donated as having exceeded their 'best before' date, by industry. I can see why NASA or BAe might be strict about this; but in the shed at home I am using little red...
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    Home Foundry

    The O&S engine looks like the one Dave Richards used to use in his 'Old steam Powered Shop' youtube series. There are about 60 videos, and he moves to a larger engine about half way through. Thanks for posting your pictures here - I have got as 'hot' as brass and bronze, but not iron yet (I...
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    Mystery travelling steady

    It's an odd foot, isn't it. I wonder what the height-over-cross-slide on a Drummond round-bed is (I think they're 4" over bed). This thing would perhaps attach to the slots in the cross-slide - there might be room for it next to the tool post. cheers Mark
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    Mystery travelling steady

    hi folks A friend of mine has been dealing with her late Dad's estate; he was a wild hoarder of engineering paraphernalia, and she's been doing a really good job (with some help :)) of identifying things and finding new homes - keeping as much out of the skip as possible. And there has been a...
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    Hello every one

    hi Mate I'm in Manchester too. I have no experience on the Chinese machines. But I can say that a really big chuck on a small lathe (8" chuck on a 9" Boxford, in my case) really changes what you can hold, and gets around the problem of a small hole down the spindle. And if you wait for the...
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    Let's talk milling machines

    I think Norman might be a little confused (or is no longer in the UK?). Most of the country has been working from home for the last 15 months. There is no tax situation (though my gas bill certainly knows all about it, with people here all day through last winter).
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    Let's talk milling machines

    I enjoyed your comments above, and it made me remember I had some updates to do on my own mill-drill thread (that is, doing what most people say is time-consuming and somewhat futile - turning a pillar drill into a miller). If anyone would like to see an alternative take on the mill-drill idea...
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    Adapting a pillar drill for vertical milling - new chuck

    Inspired by another recent thread on millers, I thought I would update this a little more. Here are some pictures of things to make it even stiffer. The metric ball race ended up (I thought) being a little too far from the cutter tip, meaning it would wobble / vibrate, so I turned down the...
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    8 pole 1/4 hp single phase induction motor - capacitor sizing

    Hi folks Inspired by our friend on the 'bench grinders' thread, I have been digging into a pile of induction motors I was given to sort out and sell for a charity I support. There are a couple of nice old Brook Gryphon jobs, all the way from Huddersfield, which are 1/4hp 8 pole 710-ish rpm...
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    I like to do bench grinders

    I like the latest device! Mounted on the cross-slide of a lathe, you could use that to sharpen end-mills held in the (not-moving) chuck - and also perhaps for sharpening knives from woodwork planer/thicknesser machine, since you can set the angle at which it cuts. Meanwhile - thanks to your...
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    Small casting (alluminium) aty home.

    This is one of those embarrassing moments when a penny which should have dropped a long time ago (in this case, why is electrical solder - that is, the useful old tin-lead stuff which actually melts and makes reliable joints - comprised 60/40) - suddenly goes clunk as one scrolls through...
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    Small casting (alluminium) aty home.

    That looks excellent. I am attracted by the idea of controllable, silent, non-smelly non-smokey heat - can you tell that my desire not to spend money means that my furnace runs on waste motor oil! I'd be interested in more detail, type of wire for elements, rough power consumption to melt a...
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    Attention! Rancid with other word hardened and unuseful grease in semi-universal dividing head BS-0, BS-1, universal dividing head BS-2.

    Ah - you're not familiar with the insult / joke attached to 'lump of lard' then! While we are talking about those rubber sleeves, the pliers used to stretch them over the connection to be protected sometimes had their name changed from 'Hellerman' to 'Honeymoon' pliers :)
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    Attention! Rancid with other word hardened and unuseful grease in semi-universal dividing head BS-0, BS-1, universal dividing head BS-2.

    That's interesting Terry. I'm in England's NW, so I'm less likely to come across some whale oil (unlike Jens maybe!) but more likely to come across a 'lump of lard' :)
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    If we can post a turning job that's to big for my lathe

    People are going to shout at me for this - but here goes :) I once trued a motorbike brake drum in the wheel, with a tyre on, which was way too big for my lathe. I set up a spindle clamped to the bed at 90 degrees to the bed axis, and ran the tyre against a face plate to spin the thing behind...
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    melting grader slide/wear plates

    Yes - your gate froze but the thick part in the middle of your casting was still liquid. As it cooled, it in turn shrank - but because the gate was already frozen, there was nowhere to pull more metal from, so you ended up with a hole/slump. If you put a riser right on top of the thickest part...
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    Attention! Rancid with other word hardened and unuseful grease in semi-universal dividing head BS-0, BS-1, universal dividing head BS-2.

    (This reminds me of the rumours that the Russians used some kind of grease based on fish to lubricate the jacks which came with Lada cars. Well, that's what it smelt like :) I guess in Bergen one might be able to find someone elderly who knows what whale oil smells like!).