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    Another Kerzel

    Well, I've finally started cutting metal for my Kerzel that I started planning 6 years ago! I got most of the way through 3D modeling and converting to metric, but then life got in the way; a new job (been there 5 years now and have somehow survived two rounds of redundancies :shrug:) and as...
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    Australia: Slideway Oil

    Hi guys, I've just purchased some Castrol Magna BDX 68 machine tool slideway oil to try. It was the only oil I could get without spending squillions on a huge drum or IBC(!!) I have a 5L can which would be a lifetime supply for me, so, if anyone in Australia would like to try some of this...
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    Paying the bills?

    I have noticed a lot of server downtime for about a month or so, and it seems to be getting more frequent of late, seems like a couple of times a day. Did someone forget to pay the host? :D Please, before anyone suggests it is just me, no, I have checked each time it happens. There are websites...
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    Propane Burner Query

    Hi guys, Years and years ago(10 maybe), I built myself a small furnace. The only fuel I had available to me at that time was BBQ heat beads with a blower. This worked well but as many of you know it is messy when the ash vitrifies into a hard glass like substance. This was very difficult to...
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    Am I missing something?!

    Was just having a quick look around on ebay when I saw this Vertical Slide for minilathes: Seriously?!! 980 pounds, almost...
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    Pierre Scerri 1/3 scale Ferrari 312PB

    The recent thread for the V12 air engine reminded me of Pierre Scerri. I learned of him about 20 years ago while reading a friends RC model car magazine from the UK, but then could not find that magazine ever again. I'm sure many members have heard or read of him. I had almost forgotten about...
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    Taig ER16 Headstock

    I am seriously considering buying a Taig ER16 collet headstock to use as the spindle on my CNC router but don't know if it will fit, I have searched pretty hard but cannot find any dimensional info anywhere. Could someone with a Taig that has the current version of the headstock, measure it's...
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    'nother Aussie

    Hi Guys, Seems to be a spate of Lurkers becoming active members lately, I've been lurking for around a year, so I probably should introduce myself too. Before I get to that though, a friendly tip for non-Australians on the pronunciation of 'Aussie' It is pronounced with hard Z's, like Ozzy...