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    My homemade gear hobber

    There are some interesting You Tube video by one F. Cleff about his conversion of a Mill/Drill for gear hobbing:
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    Need help setting up a large lathe (air interlock)

    Now that you have bought your motors you could have a look at Has a good breakdown on pro & cons of different types of systems.
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    Why Is Steel So Expensive? Always dear if you can't buy drops which is why I scavenge and sometimes buy Mysterium from scrap yards. Engineering shops are good to approach as a home machinist as they will often sell a small piece.
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    Leveling lathe on uneven floor before a CNC retrofit. Suggestions?

    I saw in a post once a sub frame made from pallet racking. The lathe was bolted to this and the subframe had leveling feet attached. I have my lathe sitting on leveling feet at the moment but will be going down this sub frame path in the future as I think it makes the whole structure much more...
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    Restoring, finishing and upgrading a Dore Westbury Mk1 milling machine

    Hi, I use a fine Brass wheel on a polisher to clean up many small items including old tools and the act of buffing leaves a deposit of Brass on the surface. Used very lightly this is the best wheel for Chrome as well. Cast Iron having a porous outer layer I find treating with a Tannin based...
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    A cheap toolpost grinder

    Hi Anatol, The Grapeseed oil was painted on all the exposed bright surfaces that aren't sliding surfaces, it oxidises into a tough film. I was using a soluble oil as cutting fluid but got sick of having to spend so much time cleaning after use as I often stop in the wee hours...
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    Lathe performance testing

    Having rebuilt an early 1930's Thornton that was far to big to fit in the garage when I bought my house I downsized to a clapped out 10" Atlas that needed a bed up rebuild and now have 14 x 40" Chinese generic lathe. For the price I got a lot of bang for my buck with the new one. Like every...
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    A cheap toolpost grinder

    P.S. That Brown all over the lathe is not rust it is dried grapeseed oil. All shiny underneath. The swath is just because whem I took the photos I was in the middle of several jobs.
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    A cheap toolpost grinder

    Here's some pictures of my Bosch electric die grinder mounted on the tool post. I set height by eye depending on the what I am doing. It is at least 30 years old and has a fixed speed of 27,000 r.p.m. Biggest wheel I have used is a 3" mounted point. I think 1.5" is the recommended maximum. The...
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    Noob needs advice on a hobby lathe

    My present lathe is a larger one but I started with a n Atlas 10" and would like an Emco SL1000 for the small stuff and the fact that the head swivels. There are a lot of sites devoted to the 7 x 14 and 9 x 20 lathes which are generic with mods up the wazoo so there is a lot of information...
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    Turnado freehand Turing device!

    The tools from Eccentric Engineering have a lot of time invested to work out the kinks and the plans are incredibly good value for the money so I for one are awaiting their release. Here's a couple of old articles from 'Geomater' which I have found handy. Once made it sits unused for ages but...
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    Lathe service

    I have spring covers on my leadscrew so don't have the swarf problem. I have to say deeferdog's solution is simple and elegant, it allows for easy oiling and keeps the crud off.
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    Future small aircraft engines.Wich way?

    Hello, I've just been reading this thread and noticed there was no mention of the Rootes TS3 which is a great design which with modern materials could be made even lighter.