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    Boiler blows, from youtube Sorry if this is something you have seen a million times. What the hay, have another gander :D
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    Using my espresso maker to power my engine?

    So I just built my first engine, link here... and want to power it with my espresso maker as I don't have a compressor available right now. Will this be really bad for it? I plan on making a setup that has a bypass that will release...
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    My first engine, and first time working with metal

    Hello there, I recently undertook my first engine build as a way to learn how to use a mill and lathe. It was epic fun, and a huge job involving around 300 hours of my time. It was an assignment for a class on learning the mill and lathe and I wanted to learn as much as possible. So I went a...
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    Hello from a noob

    Hi, I am a student of industrial design and this last semester I was assigned a project to make a miniature steam engine of some sort in a class about learning to operate a mill and lathe. Woblers have been the only working engines made previously in this class. Rather ambitiously I chose to...