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    What type of cutter

    Yes Shopshoe, i get it now, Cut AWL hence point or similar Thank you Malcolm
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    What type of cutter

    I think it is a pin or needle like a sewing machine ? Malcolm
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    First engine and it actually runs !

    Pete Machinist... Definitely. It's the goof ups and how you get round them that make this an interesting place to be never be ashamed of them, Pick out the finest engine you can find on here and the builder WILL tell you all about theirs. it's how we learn. Oh and you had also better wear...
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    Boiler Construction Photographs.

    :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: Well that showed me a thing or two, Absolutely brilliant thank you for sharing such great work. Malc
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    Encabulator build

    Captain Sir If i might suggest (from a complete novice's viewpoint) that the true problem here is that you have designed and built a VERY advanced possibly even ahead of it's time Encabulator for which the actual Modus operandi is not possible at this time, obviously at some point in the future...
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    Encabulator build

    The hole was drilled 15/32" and finished with a 1/4" end mill That's a very fine cut indeed Keep up the great work Kind regards Malcolm
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    Stuart Turner Triple Expansion Engine 80% finished for sale.

    Hi Folks Sadly i have to sell my part complete Stuart Turner Triple Expansion Engine. All the work carried out so far has been done to a VERY high standard. I do not have drawings for this engine but they are available from Stuarts. What's left to do ? A crankshaft will need to be fabricated...
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    Question Re- buy/sell/ebay section (Sorted thank you)

    Many thanks guy's i will give it another shot tomorrow. Malcolm
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    Question Re- buy/sell/ebay section (Sorted thank you)

    Hi folks I have tried to put a notice on the buy/sell section to sell my 80% completed Stuart Turner Triple expansion engine. But it has not appeared on the site yet. I know i have posted it because when i tried again, i got a message saying i had already posted this "post". That was this...
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    Wanted --- Stuart Parts Supplier

    I'm sorry to show this....... August 17, 2010 - Due to the Democrat-controlled Congress and Obama administration's anti-business policies and their negative effects on exchange rates, insurance costs, taxes, etc., Morrison Miniature Machines is suspending operations. We simply cannot afford to...
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    When all else fails............................Hide the evidence
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    engineering in miniature

    Hi Fixit I am in watford, if these are still available i would like to worship those pages for a few years ! Please. Kind regards Malcolm YIPPEE ! ! !
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    Christmas !

    Merry Christmas To all my good friends at HMEM and a prosperous and peaceful New year. Kind regards Malcolm
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    old mans new lathe

    Hi Chuck Forget me if i am wrong, And goodness knows i have been wrong before (just ask any of my previous girlfriends) lol. Is that not 28. something per phase therefore 85 Wiggly Amps / 3 = 28. ? Kind regards Malcolm
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    CNC 7x10 lathe ??

    Hi Kermit My thoughts on this are That it is a sieg CO baby lathe, I own a manual CO and its a great LITTLE lathe but far from accurate. The tailstocks on them have always had alignment issues to varying degrees, mine was considerably out, 0.5mm Low on centre and 0.3 mm along the bed. Mine i...
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    Database is messed up

    Hi Kevin I can do no better than to repeat what has already been said IE "Thank you, and all the members who work to keep this board so great, forget about the apologies its not needed. Thank you for all the time you put in on the forum" I may know little of computers but you have my sincere...
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    Making tapered flutes with a ball mill

    What word do the English use then when they want to refer to the collection of disciplines, COMPLIMICATED..........DOH ! :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: Kind regards Malcolm
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    Making tapered flutes with a ball mill

    Hi Folks John i am with you on that, how can you add or subtract or multiply etc letters of the alphabet ???? ??? Kind reagards Malcolm
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    Maryak 10

    Hi Bob I just checked the stats on this thread before reading the latest update, 7400 views, you sure do capture many peoples interest when you are posting. I really enjoy catching up with your progress and the way you document everything with great pictures, very much appreciated. Keep up the...
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    Seeking Hobby lathe

    HI Seis If my experience is anything to go by i would buy a second hand quality lathe such as the one rick (Rake) suggested over a Chinese import without a seconds thought. WHY ??? I bought a similar (not identical but similar spec) Chinese lathe, thinking i was getting great value for...