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    Anthony Davies Fire Eater Engine

    I have started a build by the name you see above. I already attempted something like this based on his plans but as usual I thought I had a better idea and it didn't turn out. I will say one thing for that build was it did turn over a couple of times on it's own but the valve system I made would...
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    Be Gentle it's my first time

    Right up front my apologies to Jann Ridder, it was his plan I loosely followed then promptly butchered. First off my machining skills are flawed at best and my patience factor has a lot to be desired. This little motor should be held together by good machining and Loctite 603, I soldered...
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    Milling clamp for South Bend lathe, what do I do?

    I have a 1942 South Bend lathe with maybe one hundred hours of total use based on it's condition. I have been looking to come up with a milling machine by turning my drill press into one. My lathe came with a milling attachment that I cleaned up and painted, what I want to know is what do I use...
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    My attempt at building a Jan Ridder Sterling engine.

    I received the plans via email a few weeks ago. So far I have made a few parts but the real beauty in this build is I'm learning how to make tiny parts fit together. I've attached some pictures of the parts but I have one question or concern. The work cylinder is a .157 inch bore the piston is...
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    Scrooge style Milling machine

    Being a bit of a tightwad I couldn't see spending a whack of money on a proper milling machine (budget and space a concern too). I took a small Canadian Tire drill press and a milling vise from Bang Good to make my dream machine. I installed aluminum spacer blocks and plate to raise the milling...
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    Flame Licker lubrication

    I posted some time ago regarding making a steam powered skiff and at the time it seemed like a good idea but I think I will get my feet wet first. I'm making a flame lick er engine with what I can scrounge from my wee bit of scrap metal. I have the cylinder and piston machined for a nice sliding...
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    Steam powered Skiff where do I start?

    I got the steam engine bug, plus I've built RC boats for the last thirty years and now I want to combine the two. So my question is what is a good marine steam engine and boiler to build for an RC marine application. I plan on making the hull three feet long, the rest of the dimensions will come...
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    Power feed for South Bend 9 inch

    I would like to get away from the gear set for my South Bend 9 inch and would like a better way to power my feed screw. I was thinking of a belt system to run of the existing motor or a stepper motor system to power the screw. Any suggestions?
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    South Bend lathe clutch screw

    I just bought a South Bend lathe, W9B I think that is the model number I can go check if needed. Anyway I have been taking it apart and cleaning the lathe up which is thankfully in almost new condition. Brilliant guy that I am, I was taking the knob of the clutch shaft which required a bit of a...
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    My new Diamond in the rough

    I just purchased a Southbend lathe for $400 Canadian it's 52 inches long overall and 29 inches wide with a number of bits and tooling I have no idea how to use them. The lathe came with two metal trays full of bit's and pieces that in some cases are a mystery to me. The dirt I noticed on it is...
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    New old school lathe, what lube do I use

    Just purchased an older lathe that sat for some time unused so some stuff is rather dried out. What should I lube the bed, gears, worm gear and the rest of the moving parts with. I have another question about an attachment that came with the lathe that I have no clue as to what it does. Thanks...
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    What material to use in a Flame Licker?

    Since I found this website I want to build everything in, but alas I need to focus on one thing to be able to finish it. My question is what materials can be used to make the piston and cylinder? Cast iron is not easy to find for an available machining stock but brass, aluminum, stainless steel...
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    New member from Canada eh!

    Hi Everyone my name is Jim I live in the frozen North called Canada. I'm a Heavy Duty Mechanic that has been pulling wrenches on big Diesel engines for the last thirty years. Last count I think I've done around 260 rebuilds and have worked on about eight different brands of engines. I'm here not...