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    Machining Graphite

    Sorry for the very late reply and thread necro. I got my Graphite rod from the following link. It's sold for Stirling engines but I'm using it for hybrid rocket motor nozzles. Good price and the shipping to West Oz was very reasonable...
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    Quarter Scale Merlin V-12

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    My first casting

    Thanks for the extra info. I had a feeling you were using oil bonded sand. I also have oil bonded, but a DIY variety called K-Bond, as Petrobond is not available over here (that I have found) Cheers!
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    My first casting

    Nice work. I'd also be interested in more details. Years ago I built a large furnace with the view of casting parts for a Gingery lathe, however I only cast one part before I was gifted a Sieg C3. It has since sat unused for the last 15 or so years, but I 'm now considering dragging it out to...
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    Some of my projects

    Some forums have an insert inline feature, but it is rare, unfortunately this forum is not one of them. The only way I am aware of is to host the images offsite(photobucket for example) and then link to the images in your post.
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    Ghosty's "V" Twin

    Photo #6 = someone's planning to do some bluing :thumbup:
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    Boll Aero - my first engine build

    Hi James, Are there any hobby shops in NZ that stock 'Hot Stuff' branded fuels by Ozzie Traders? If so, they may be able to get you the Ozzie Traders diesel. Alternatively you could contact Ozzie Traders to ask if they have supplied anyone in NZ. Apparently another option is visiting any Control...
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    Another Kerzel

    Thursday I couldn’t decide which part to make next, but looking at the trial fit I couldn’t help but think how nice it would be to see the studs and nuts in place…. For the first time in this build, I grabbed some non-salvaged, non-mystery metal from my stock. A length of 1/8” (3.18mm) BMS was...
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    Another Kerzel

    Wednesday it was time to slice off the excess material, this was quick and easy and I was surprised at how clean the saw cut was! Much nicer than with the Taig holder, which I decided was due to the increased shank diameter (18mm/0.71”) making this holder far more rigid than the Taig version...
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    Another Kerzel

    Work was quiet on Tuesday so I left early and got quite a bit done in the shop. First up was milling the flats on either side of the caps. It was here that I noticed the mill needed tramming, again. One day I’ll get around to modifying this X2! I’ve only had it a decade or so :rolleyes...
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    Another Kerzel

    Well, that’s Christmas done for another year, I hope everyone had a good holiday! Unfortunately I’ve not done anything further on the engine since before the Chrissy break, so I’m itching to get back into the workshop but that’s not likely until after New Year. Even then...
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    X1 quick tool change mod

    Thanks for the heads-up Baz! I should be able to find that relatively easily, If not I'll be in touch ;)
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    X1 quick tool change mod

    Interesting, thanks! I need to think how to adapt a similar system to the X2. I'm tired of using a hammer on the loosened draw bar to break the MT3's grip.
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    Hello from long time reader, first time poster

    And another Aussie! Welcome raspii.
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    Hello from Australia

    Hi John, welcome from Perth. Nice lil Chrissy prezzie you got there! I also have an SC4, a huge improvement on the C3 I had before. Enjoy! I would avoid the Sieg QCTP, I had one on the C3, usable but ultimately crap. For the SC4 I went with the Dixon/Dickson style popular in the UK and often...
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    Webster NGEZ-1

    It has evolved a bit over the decades. From Webster: "This basic engine design goes back several generations, first appearing in 1950 in Model Airplane News as Roy L. Clough Jr.'s "Little Dragon", and appearing again in late 1998 / early 1999 as Tom Crompton presented three variations in Model...
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    Webster NGEZ-1

    Hi AM2, welcome. Sorry, I can't help with getting it running, but just wanted to say nice work! This is one I've wanted to make for a while, the whole EZE series actually.
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    1st post

    Hi Mike, welcome!
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    Another Kerzel

    After yesterday's christmas lunch with the in-laws, I only managed enough time in the shop to drill one hole in the bearing cap blank, hardly worth a photo, however, in-case anyone has wondered about the rather rough looking finish in the left-hand bearing block, it's actually not as rough as it...
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    New Member

    Hi Tintin, welcome! Sounds like you will have some interesting build threads for us in future :thumbup: