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    For Sale Selling my dad's shop - Bridgeport, Linley Jig Borer, Southbend Lathe, Craftsman/Atlas Lathe, Deckel Grinder, Meteor Drill Sharpener

    Dear Brian, I think you are asking to much for every piece of the equipment, but I'm pretty much of a cheapskate. I expect that you will not get a lot of traffic with the prices you are asking, but I've been proven wrong before. Good luck in your sales! Carl
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    Looking for shaper article reprint put of 1953 Popular Mechanics or similar magazine. Previously found it on this website and downloaded and my lustri

    I have had this hand shaper article from October 1955 for a while now. I intended to build it, but never have. Carl
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    DoAll Bandsaw for Brian

    Brian, if you haven't done a VFD conversion yet, I'd be happy to help you with it. Basically, you need to run the VFD output directly to the motor, and connect all the controls in the saw to the DC control inputs of the VFD. Carl
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    5 cyl OHC Radial.

    Beautiful work! May I ask what you were adjusting between runs? I wasn't sure the goal of the different runs. I can see you have done things very carefu)y and very thorough. Congratulations! Carl
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    Another Rupnow 1 by 1

    I have set up Octoprint on my printer and will never look back. I can do a complete job of controlling my printer through a web browser -- which is immune to Windows 10/11 issues (when they issue the required update, which eventually they will). It makes it trivial to control my printer. I...
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    setting up for metal spinning

    The shop wisdom of Philip Duclos has an article on spinning brass to make an oil can. I did spinning when I was in high school. As I recall, I wasn't very successful. Carl
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    A new attempt at making piston rings

    Bob Shores suggests to make rings from the same bit of cast iron as the piston. It starts with the diameter .003 oversize, and ring grooves cut .003 "deeper than specified". I don't think that is describing the depth of the ring groove to be .003 less than the ID of the compressed ring, but...
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    Grinding spindle.

    The thing that stackerjack has likely missed is that the balls are free to move at a different velocity from either the inner or outer races. The velocity of the center of mass of the ball will be just the right velocity needed to provide rolling contact. For the flat plane case, with the...
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    (CAD) 28 Cyl P&W R-4360

    Boston museum of science has a cutaway R4360. It's a beautiful piece of engineering art. I could look at it for hours (but not so my wife....) If you want to see the real thing, that's one place to go. Carl
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    I really love Onshape. Web-based, files in the cloud (a negative), but pretty full-featured and easy to use. They have a commercial model, so it's not just some hobbyists volunteering their spare time. It's free to use, as long as you are willing to make your work public (which is not a...
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    After spending a bunch of time looking at these tools, I wondered about making an electronically controlled version rather than an electromechanically controlled one. Commercial products I found ranged from 500W to 2500W. This is a lot more than the 25W you have found in hour system. 25W is...
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    A new attempt at making piston rings

    I'm in Utah, USA
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    A new attempt at making piston rings

    I recently figured out a setup on my Sanford surface grinder that makes it trivial to grind grooving tools. Send me a blank, and I'll make the tool and send it back to you. PM if interested. Carl
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    3D Drawing/Printing exercise in design

    Looks like DesignSpark only creates STEP/IGES files if you buy the paid Exchange add-on module, which goes for the low price of $558! But DesignSpark Mechanical is free, so I could open the files in DesignSpark if I wanted to. The STL files would be nice. I'll send you a PM. THanks, Carl
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    3D Drawing/Printing exercise in design

    Don, Do you have any files available for the final gun? Carl
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    How to Scale Up An Engine

    Here's a step file of the Kerzel:
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    How to Scale Up An Engine

    There are also free plans available for the J&E Junior hit and miss engine, which has a 2 inch bore and a 2.5 inch stroke. I have taken the multiple individual files that were downloaded, and will be happy to share a combined pdf file, if anyone...
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    How to Scale Up An Engine

    Onshape is a free, web-based 3D modeling system. It can import and export STEP files, but I haven't played much with the STEP file exchange. Carl
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    How to Scale Up An Engine

    I have copy of the Kerzel in Onshape, if you are interested. Carl
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    The great O ring discussion

    I believe it is Borax powder, not Boron powder, that is referemoved. Borax powder is a flux. Borax is readily available as a cleaning product, at least in the US. Carl