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    V4 steam engine - based on CFellow's opposed 4

    I love it! Love it love it love it! The chain for the valves and V configuration are making it very tough and James Dean-ish, if James Dean was a miniature engine. It goes in a steam roadster, 2 seats and maybe one set of golf clubs. Whistles as it tears down the highway. ;D
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    Project of the Month Tribute

    That was awesome. Thanks a ton for putting that together! My mind was spinning a few times, is that a 6 or an 8 cylinder in the palm of a hand? Though ether way will barely effect the speed of cranial rotation.
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    February Project of the Month

    Absolutely brilliant work, the engine is beautiful! :bow:
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    Boiler blows, from youtube Sorry if this is something you have seen a million times. What the hay, have another gander :D
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    January Project of the Month

    Oh... My... God... :bow: :bow: :bow: THANK YOU!!!!! I am going to faint now, then celebrate! I can hardly wait for the next semester to start, that's when the shop opens! So much more to come, first the exterior and the timing adjustmen. Then maybe hopefully a rpm regulated automatic timing...
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    My first engine, and first time working with metal

    I experienced that with the aluminum plate I bought at a scrap yard. On a band saw I was cutting off a part. At first the aluminum plate felt like the other shapes of aluminum I had been cutting, and then it suddenly offered far less resistance and 'jumped' forward about an inch and a half. Just...
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    Drip Oiler--with a secret--

    Nice design, nice plans. Now I know what to to with all these extra bolts...
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    My first engine, and first time working with metal

    Interesting and awesome explanation Tom, thanks! Your description helps me understand the noise profile and how it feels to turn the crankshaft by hand. The power cycles do overlap, I will draft the ported flange and orbital valve in software to get precise numbers on the overlap as my math...
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    My first engine, and first time working with metal

    Ah, thanks for explaining that action of the valve and pin Jerry. I think I will make a disk of some type of low friction plastic to go on that face the valve rubs against. If I ever make a boiler and can use steam I will make a steal cover and polish it till it glows.
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    Using my espresso maker to power my engine?

    OK then, moderators please close this thread.
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    Using my espresso maker to power my engine?

    Bogs... I am not sure I am seeing the dangers clearly, I want pressure for my engine and it seems like it would be 'neat' so maybe I am not looking at this from a good angle. My own head was having quite the discussion over whether it was a good idea. My thinking was that the boiler in an...
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    Using my espresso maker to power my engine?

    I put some vegetable oil in the line before starting. It did not work, but it was hilarious to see the engine sputting water out the back and it showed me where the engine seals are not right. Lets just say my worries over safety were unfounded, my setup was leaky and while the pressure was not...
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    Using my espresso maker to power my engine?

    So I just built my first engine, link here... and want to power it with my espresso maker as I don't have a compressor available right now. Will this be really bad for it? I plan on making a setup that has a bypass that will release...
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    New Engine "Red Devil"

    That is awesome. I love the spinning valve system.
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    Coming along nicely

    Beautiful work sir. Fascinating technology as well. Modern industry generates allot of heat and I am interested in harnessing it in different ways to return energy to the system. I think there is a place in the future for this technology.
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    Hello from a noob

    I made a full post in the Work in progress section head on over if you would like to discuss this project. Again Thanks for all the positive feedback! ;D
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    My first engine, and first time working with metal

    :) :D ;D :bow: You guys made my day! Your all too kind. I had an advantage over the average student, I am 39 years old and living a dream of finally going to college for something I care about after spending the last 20 years working under people far less dedicated that had "degrees". So I...
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    My first engine, and first time working with metal

    Hello there, I recently undertook my first engine build as a way to learn how to use a mill and lathe. It was epic fun, and a huge job involving around 300 hours of my time. It was an assignment for a class on learning the mill and lathe and I wanted to learn as much as possible. So I went a...
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    Hello from a noob

    Thanks everyone ;D You are all too kind. I fixed the link to the video, here it is again. In the video the gauge is blurry but it reads down to 3 psi. How accurately is debatable. The...
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    Division Master build and RT mod

    OHHHH... AHHHHH... looks very nice I want one.