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    Another Reason to buy or make a diamond tool holder

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder how small a piece of round the commercial tangential holder will grip? must find out. A bit of drill rod of the right size hardened up to cut whatever sized radius. I wonder if a negative rake would cut brass? then the arc would be a true circle. You never know where an...
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    Making a D1 4 Chuck reciever for a rotary table.

    Hi deere_x475guy I got your plans, very nice, but just a question , how do you center the adapter onto the rotary table? Owen
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    Potts Drill Grinding Jig

    I've never been able to master hand sharpening of drills, Like Mick "i've tried and I've tried", I guess I'm just not skilled that way. I have tried to use the "craftsman" sharpener with poor results it's in a box in the shop somewhere now. I just returned to N.A. from Australia where the club...
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    Diameter for Threading.

    thank you Shred very useful table.