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  1. Dmurphree

    The Hubbard 1912

    Barry, Sorry to hear about your Mom. Please know our thoughts and prayer are with you and yours. Murf
  2. Dmurphree

    3 Cylinder Fairbanks Model

    Looks GREAT!!!!Good Job. Murf
  3. Dmurphree

    Solid Edge 2D issue

    Wondering if anyone else uses SE2d. I have done something that has caused the software to stop displaying the dimensions on the drawing.:confused: I can measure between two lines and go through the process of adding the dimension but all it displays is the dimension line. No big deal because I...
  4. Dmurphree

    My first engine attempt

    Just finished my first one of the same kind day before yesterday. :) Great little first engine kit. I will post some video later. Keep up the good work, Dru
  5. Dmurphree

    Mini Jack Pump Plans

    Thanks for the information, Jason!!!!!!! I will check those out. Dru
  6. Dmurphree

    Mini Jack Pump Plans

    Anybody know where I can find a set of miniature "Lufkin" jack pump plans? Would love to build one to give to my uncle the oil guy. Dru
  7. Dmurphree

    Inexpensive , compact vertical bandsaw

    Bought the SWAG no3 table and love it!!! Works great for the small parts I need to cut in the home shop. Think it is one on the best deals for the money. Thanks for posting the link.
  8. Dmurphree

    Let there be light!

    Just purchased an 80mm ring from out of Missouri. Have purchased from them before and had good luck. They also have plastic covers for them also. We will give it a try and see what happens.