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    Brazed Carbide Tool Bits Offered for Cost of Shipping

    I have some unused, brazed carbide, tool bits that need a new home. They have no markings to indicate country of origin, so I'd say they are import from China. These bits are not Micro 100 quality, but they will probably cut. Shanks are 1/4 inch. The bits are free, but shipping is $7.20 for...
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    Steam Engine Books for Sale

    I'm clearing out a few more books. 1. "Model Stationary and Marine Steam Engines", second edition, by K.N. Harris 153 pages. Very good condition. $9 plus shipping. 2. Building a Vertical Steam Engine from Castings, 1977 edition, by Andrew Smith. 64 pages. Very good condition...
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    Clearing Some Space

    I'm clearing space in the shop. This assortment of HSS and a few brazed carbide tools need a new home. The 6 inch scale is not included No charge for the tooling, but shipping will be $7.15. PayPal works well for me. Shipping from central Ilinois via USPS Flat Rate. If interested or...
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    For Sale: Books

    The books are sold. Thanks for your interest. Chuck
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    MidEast Model Engineering Expo 2012

    I've not seen Paul Debolt's, 5th Annual 2012 MidEast Model Engineering Expo mentioned yet, so decided to post this note. The show is Oct 19 and 20th at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds, in Zanesville, OH. Here is a link to show information: Scroll...
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    Question for Steve Huck on PeeWee V4 Cam

    Hi Steve, I'm working on the spreadsheet for cutting my Silver Bullet cam, using the offset cutting method from the article you wrote based on the PeeWee cam. I cut a practice cam this summer and felt the spreadsheet was a big help. Now several months later, I am ready to cut the cam for...
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    Waterworks Museum in Boston

    If you like fine architecture and huge steam pumping engines, check out the Waterworks Museum, 2450 Beacon Street, Boston, MA, if you are in the area. You can ride the Green Line to within easy walking distance. They have a Levitt, a Worthington, and an Allis in the powerhouse. The Allis is...