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  1. gbritnell

    The great O ring discussion

    Gentlemen, I have been following the O ring discussion in another thread and have read several others in the past. Most of the builders on this forum have been machining and making engines for quite some time. That being said I have trouble understanding why there is such an aversion to making...
  2. gbritnell

    Machining connecting rods and bearing inserts

    This thread is to answer a question about split bearing inserts for connecting rods but will cover the making of the rods and inserts. These rods were made for my flathead V-8 engine. They were made from 4140 steel. I could have made them from 1144 but would have had to cut round stock into a...
  3. gbritnell

    Making a crankshaft from 1144 round stock

    Gentlemen, I didn't want to hijack Terry Mayhugh's thread on building the Offy so I decided to add this thread regarding machining a crankshaft. This is the crank for my Fordillac V-8 engine. At the time I was building it I didn't want to post on all the sites I frequent so I just did the one...
  4. gbritnell

    Igaging products

    Well I have officially had it with Igaging and their products. For many years I had a unit on my 11 inch lathe and although it had a few glitches it seemed to work ok. Then it started resetting itself. By that I mean I would set -0- and part way through the job it would just set itself to some...
  5. gbritnell

    Helical gear cutting setup

    Since Chuck Fellows published the drawings for making and using the helical gear fixture I have made quite a few of them. The problem with the whole setup is the indexing/cutting fixture is always at some angle to cut the required gears. At the cutting end of the mandrel is an arbor to hold...
  6. gbritnell

    Lycoming/Continental boxer 4 engine information

    Gentlemen, I've been all over the net looking for information on this engine. Although there are a lot of videos on Youtube I can't find any general dimensions or information without having to buy an expensive shop manual. Does anyone have info or a link? Thanks, gbritnell
  7. gbritnell

    Holt drawings

    There had been discussions regarding the availability of Holt casting and particularly the drawings. Due to the copyright nature of the original drawings many people weren't comfortable copying or selling their drawings. In one of the threads someone had asked about my scratch built Holt and...
  8. gbritnell

    Holt tractor engine

    Gentlemen, It seems like there is some interest in building the Holt tractor engine. The question has come up about Coles demise and the subsequent loss of castings and drawings. Discussion has come up about copyright infringement on selling copies of the drawings and to the point of selling...
  9. gbritnell

    Helical gear cutting

    The other day I decided to build a small governor to go on the Maudslay Marine Engine. Basically cosmetic but I thought it would add some interesting movement to the engine. The design incorporates a helical gear set at 1.5:1 gear ratio. I opened up the helical gear chart that Don made and put...
  10. gbritnell

    Maudslay Marine Steam Engine in .70 scale

    This ones for Chuck Fellows. I needed a project while waiting to start my next big one and really like the engine that Chuck built so not wanting to do just the same old thing I scaled everything by .70. I followed the drawings making only one change, adding cross supports at the top of the...
  11. gbritnell

    MEM Corliss in .40 scale

    Several years back some fellows on the MEM forum created a Corliss engine. Although much simplified as far as the valve gear it still uses the same type of valving and mechanisms. Not wanting to follow the herd I opted to scale it down so I took the smallest bolt on the original and scaled it...
  12. gbritnell

    Globe valve (how to make)

    I see a very old thread was resurrected and I was going to try and edit it but the way the pictures and text were added it was really going to be a hodge podge of information so rather than do that I'm going to redo the thread. It will be a little more condensed from the original but should...
  13. gbritnell

    'TINY' a side shaft version

    Gentlemen, This is my latest version of the Tiny hit and miss engine. It has the same basic dimensions as the original, bore, stroke etc. but that's where it end. I used pictures of the Domestic side shaft engine to replicate the hit and miss mechanism. The biggest issue is trying to get the 2...
  14. gbritnell

    Wall Four help

    Gentlemen, I rebuilt a Wall Four engine over the winter for a fellow. I got a chance to start it up last week and the engine started and ran for a short time. The reason for this is because the exhaust/intake manifold is a one piece aluminum casting. To segregate the exhaust from the intake the...
  15. gbritnell

    Fordillac V-8 engine running, finally

    Gentlemen, After many trails and tribulations the flathead engine is running. As the video states many changes were made along the way to first correct my design miscalculations and second to get all the components of and internal combustion engine correct, spark, fuel and compression. I...
  16. gbritnell

    'Tiny' Domestic side shaft engine help

    I'm drawing up a version of the 'Tiny' hit and miss engine. It will be modeled after the Domestic side shaft engine with the cam drive shaft running along the side of the crankcase. I have everything drawn and the helical gears cut but I don't know what the flywheel governor mechanism looks...
  17. gbritnell

    A Tiny 3 cylinder Holt based engine

    Gentlemen, Well the engine is finished and running. If you followed the build thread then you know the construction and initial running wasn't without incidents. Today I took it out on the bench and after a few adjustments it ran quite well but much faster than I had expected. The simple carb...
  18. gbritnell

    Mastiff An engine reconstruction project

    First a little background to this story. I was at a local antique engine show and a fellow came up and was looking at my engines. There was conversation about model engines and eventually he asked me if I do machining for other people. I said I did and so the discussion focused on what he would...
  19. gbritnell

    Merry Christmas

    May the coming year find you and your family safe, healthy and free from need. Have a Happy, Blessed Christmas and wonderful New Year. George D. Britnell
  20. gbritnell

    Scale Hardware?

    I used to buy really small stainless hex head bolts down to .8 mm. from a supplier called Scale Hardware. They also had taps, washers and nuts in that size. I recently did a search for them and can't find anything. Does anyone know what became of them? Thanks, gbritnell