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    Brazed carbide boring bars

    Hi, I have a set of import brazed carbide boring bars ( the type for the boring head ), the stuff is useless, the edges are just dull and even the lightest cut causes chatter even in aluminium. Is there anyway that these could be sharpened up or shall I just throw them away and put it down...
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    Hi speed steel inserts in UK

    Hi, Just as a matter of interest, has anyone seen HSS inserts in the UK? These seem to have a strong following in the US as they combine the best qualities of the carbide inserts without their weakness, chipping, gigh speed and high feed rate requirement and so on? A.G
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    Elmer's no 11 radial finished

    Hi everybody, Just wanted to say thanks to all those who advised me during the build of this engine, I have attached a photo of the finished engine and yes it ran the first time once I hooked everything up. I just need a proper air compressor to keep it going as mine is for very small air...
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    Elmer's no 11 radial finished

    Hi to everyone, I have finished the engine now and it is up and running. I started this last Oct as warm up to building Rudy kouhoupt's radial 5 engine and it has been a learning curve for me, hope that you approve. Regards, A.G P. S the photo is an attachment
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    IE can not open the site

    Hi, I seem to have lost the ability to load the site on to my IE9 browser, it started last night and I constantly get the message that HMEM has stopped responding and would I want to recover the page and then nothing. Right now I am using Safari to load the HMEM and it seems to be lot faster...
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    Small boring head

    Hi, Happy new year to you all, wish you all a healthy, prosperous and peacful new year. Does any one have plans for a small boring head that I could build to use on my Taig or Sherline mills? I have the Sherline boring head but I find it difficult to work with and there is quite a bit of...
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    Elmer's no11 Radial

    Hi and my best wishes for Xmas and New year to everyone, I have now finished the construction of Elmer's no1 Radial engine. It does work but not very well, I suspect the valve arrangement is not optimised as yet. There is a constant flow of high pressure air from the exhaust vent at the...
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    True Grip Chuck

    Hi, I have won a 4" Pratt Burnerd True grip Chuck on ebay, there are 3 adjustment screws that bear against the internal parts of the back plate. What is the correct procedure for truing the chuck for a particular diameter stoc? Do the back plate screws need to be loose or sung or tight while I...
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    Aluminium grade for engine case

    Hi to all, I intend to start work on a small 1.3cc compression ignition engine. The BOM calls for 2024 T3 Aluminium in a square shape, I can only get hold of 2014 H15 Aluminium. Can some one advise me on the suitabilty of 2014 please. Regards, A.G
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    A question about Elmer's no11 Radial

    Hi To Everyone, I am about to finish the machining and assembly of the Elmer's No11 Radial engine but one point puzzels me and that is about the rotary valve arrangement. Elmer states in his construction notes that both the 1/16" projection from the rotay valve crank and the 1/16" recieving...
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    Colphos 90

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if Colphos 90 is suitable for silver brazing at home please. I only ever braze brass for model engineering and was considering Colphos 90 for the build of the cylinder of Rudy Kouhoupt's not so simple Oscillating engine. Regards, A.G
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    A question about Rudy Kouhoupt Oscillating Engine

    Hi, Has anyone here built the Rudy Kouhoupt's not so simple oscillating engine? If so is there a build log for this? Many thanks and regards, A.G
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    Bending Small Diameter Brass/ Copper tubesHi,

    Hi, Can anyone suggest a reliable way of bending small tubes, 1/8", of brass or copper to an exact angle please? I have done these by heating the metal to soft before but I am about to start a radial engine with a lot of tubes and the above method is not suitable. Many Thanks and Regards, A.G
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    Sample cnc code

    Hi, I need to machine a cylinder in to a hexagonal shape. It is mounted on a rotary table and set up for manual machining. The mill is equiped for cnc and so is the rotary table, a Sherline 4" one, I do have a copy of Mach3, is there anyway of obtaining a cnc code to do this? I have absolutely...
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    Graphite piston for Elmer's no11 engine

    Hi everybody, I am about to start the build of a 3 cylinder radial air engine based on Elmer's no11 design. I will machine the cylinders out of 1.25" brass rod as the square design of Elmer's does not appeal to me. I was thinking of using carbon graphite filled ptfe rod for piston mainly to...
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    Graphite piston for a radial air engine

    Hi everybody, I am about to start the build of a 3 cylinder radial air engine based on Elmer's no11 design. I will machine the cylinders out of 1.25" brass rod as the square design of Elmer's does not appeal to me. I was thinking of using carbon graphite filled ptfe rod for piston mainly to...
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    Cast iron for piston rings, model engines

    Hi, Could someone please tell me what is the best grade of cast iron for making piston rings using the cold turn method? The only two grades that I can find easily here in the UK are GR17 and SG (GGG40). Many thanks for your help. Regards, A.G
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    Webster Engine

    Hi, I am at the last stages of building this engine and I came across a thread stating that this engine needs a one way valve system such as the one designed by Jan Ridders. There is no mention of this in the plans. Does anyone know if this valve is necessary and if so how to build one or at...
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    Grinding a round nose tool bit

    Hi, I need advice as to how properly grind a 1/4" round nose lathe tool . I have a small belt- rotary snder and an 8" run of the mill grinder. I can grind left and right hand tools quite well now particularly using the belt sander but have no idea as how to grind a round nose properly. I will...
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    Rudy Kouhoupt 5 cylinder radial

    Hi, I wonder if anyone of you gentlemen has built the above engine? I am studying the plans for now, as printed in the volume 4 of the shop wisdom of Rudy kouhoupt and I am having difficulty figuring out all the arrangement of the main valve, item 25 in his drawings. Any help would be...