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    Check that battery

    It's that Murphy's law thing....Check the last thing first ::) I've been hit with that one a few times :big: :bow: Good least you found it :big: Regards Philly
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    Great News!

    Good luck in your endeavor Matt...great job! Phil
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    Small V8

    Great Job Steve...just fine tuning left now... :bow: Philly
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    Sitting At The Lathe

    Oh sorry Jerry ;D Philly
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    Sitting At The Lathe

    Buzzardbait, Welcome to the forum...Here's a link to a Sit Stand may or may not help you...
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    Hello from Surrey BC

    Welcome aboard from across the stree in Langley...You'll have some fun here. wEc1 Philly
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    Miniature Engineering 1820

    Hmmm 5.8M for a well made toy...Pockets plenty deep. :big: Craftmanship :bow: Philly
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    Completed twin Cylinder Over Crank Engine

    Hi Stew, That is a brilliant piece of work aand a very nice runner. :bow: Regards Philly
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    Round headed bolts

    Jerry, On tough moving bolts like that I use a Mapps or propane tourch to heat it real hot and then spray penitrating oil on...that will beak the rust on the threads loose and some oil will lube the threads. You may have to do it a couple of times if not done (hot enough) correctly. Philly
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    Round headed bolts

    Jerry, Use a baseball bat... :big: it's a lot quieter, :big: then he might hear you when you ask "come to me before you touch anything" will be a lot easier on you...he...he...he Regards Philly
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    Air bleed carburetor

    That's very good of you George.....Thanks :bow: Philly
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    Steam power saw mill

    The teeth on the back of the saw is called a sliver's for cutting the slivers when they run the log back to take another cut. The guy sitting there is on his lunch break...ya think. Regards Philly...filer 38 years and don't miss the BS
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    Hoglet started (and running!)

    Wow that looks awwwwsome Kevin. Regards Philly
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    Down With the Mini Lathe

    They have tilted wood lathes for people who can't stand for long periods or not at all. Follow the link... Merry Christmas Philly
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    mini-lathe - getting it right...maybe

    Hi Zeepster, The machined surfaces are the ones that need to be Plumb...Level...and Square, the rough casting pay no mind to. Trgards Philly PS, Merry X-Mas to all. ;D
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    First run on steam

    :bow: Nice...Very Nice...enough said. :bow: Regards Philly
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    Trouble with flywheel

    Say What??? ??? :big: Philly
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    What's that sticking in my neck?

    Hmmm sounds like a full face shield is in order too, hard hat, body armor, steel toed boots....etc. It don't take much to be safe. Thm: Thank for sharing Thm: Philly
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    Hoglet started (and running!)

    Kevin, Isn't it a little hard to do a happy dance soooo loooow to the ground? :big: Philly
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    Hoglet started (and running!)

    Kevin, That looks just awwwwsome :bow: :bow: :bow: Regards Philly