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  1. Rodrigo Castellanos

    2 Mills 1.3cc MK1 building

    hi guys! after my partial success with my scaled down Mills, decided to go full size... having a nice casting made by Jef Lemmans, decided to make another case fully machined....
  2. Rodrigo Castellanos

    Weaver 1cc Diesel engine

    Hi Guys! After "finished" my Boll Aero, i had some 1.5" aluminium bar (from Aero Boll head) and Weaver plans.... this really was not a real attempt to build a Weaver, i just want to have fun and see if i was capable to make the crankcase... hoping bad results, or having trouble with measures...
  3. Rodrigo Castellanos

    Another Boll Aero 1.8

    Hi guys!! this is my first engine build, i been learning some lathe skills, and last weekend i got a used mill... so i don´t know to much about using it... Anyway, my metal shop is small and have not a lot of tools, but think have enough for my first building. i started cutting my Square Alu...
  4. Rodrigo Castellanos

    I´m New! Hi!

    Hello guys! let me introduce myself: my name is Rodrigo, i´m from Mexico city, i´m a luthier (electric one :), and i got a mini lathe 7x10 two years ago... having no idea about how to use it, i spend a lot of time watching youtube videos and i catch a little information. i love free flight...