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  1. Scott_M

    Issues with scrolling in posts

    Has anyone else noticed any issues with scrolling a page with the mouse wheel? I only have this problem with IE 11. It works OK in Chrome but I prefer IE. It only happens on pages with pictures attached to posts. If a post has no pictures the page will scroll fine as does the front page. I have...
  2. Scott_M

    Heavy Duty Arduino Dividing Head Project “Finished “

    Back in February after reading Chuck Fellows Dividing head thread I thought this would be a perfect tool for my buddy Brett. Brett makes a lot of my products, one of which is a 12 sided fixture used in the gunsmithing trade. Brett’s CNC machine is an 80’s vintage VMC and has no...
  3. Scott_M

    Grizzly 8x30 G0731 milling machine

    I am going to sell my Grizzly mill and have no idea what to ask for it. There are none on EBay or Craigslist to compare too. So I thought I would ask here for some ideas on a fair market price for a used machine. Once I come up with a good price I will offer it for sale here first. It will be a...
  4. Scott_M

    Playing with Chuck's Rotary table code

    I wanted to see how Chuck's code worked with a micro-stepping driver so I rigged this test up using an old stepper and driver from my Tormach mill. This is a "Tordrive 2000" 10 microstep driver and a 640 oz. in. Nema 34 stepper motor. The motor is spec'd at 24-70 volts and 5.5 amps, I am kind of...
  5. Scott_M

    Another Arduino project

    As I had mentioned in TorontoBuilders thread I needed to make a small machine to automate a repetitive job I do. I was fairly apprehensive about tackling a new programming language and have put this off for too long. Well reading all the other threads got me motivated so I bought a Genuine "Uno"...
  6. Scott_M

    First Model Engine - Elbow Engine

    Well I'm gonna do it. I've been hanging around here long enough, I guess it is time to actually build something. I am still about 10 years from retirement so shop fun time is limited. I spend all day in the shop working to pay bills but am determined to sneak in some fun time. I have been...
  7. Scott_M

    Look what I found. A number 9

    Here is a copy of an email I just sent to Stuart. "Greetings I am curious if a set of plans is available for a vintage set of castings for a Number 9 are still available. After my father passed I was cleaning out his storage shed and came across a set of castings for the #9 ,as you can see in...
  8. Scott_M

    Turning between centers ( cheating )

    The other day I needed to turn a shaft between centers and did not want to pull my 3-jaw and set up the faceplate, so I did this quick and easy cheat. My compound was set very accurately at 45 deg. and I did not want to change it so I was going to have a 90 deg. center in the headstock and a 60...
  9. Scott_M

    Hello from Medina, OH

    Hello all ! I have been lurking for awhile now. I got lured over here by Terry Mayhugh when he posted a link in the Tormach forum at CNCZone to his thread on the Hodgson radial he is just finishing up, all I can say is WOW ! This is a very nice website with a lot of friendly knowledgeable people...