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  1. agmachado

    My Workshop - Started

    Hello! Long time I try to start the assembly of a workshop to to put into practice my projects. Finally this is possible because now I have some space and a few days ago, arrived some new machines. A lathe is the same german Optimum TU 2406 and here, in Brazil is AMBOSS 250-550. The mill also...
  2. agmachado

    Bed Turret for Sherline

    Hi Guys, As you can see... very nice! For plans, see more on Downriver Tools Cheers, Alexandre
  3. agmachado

    HMEM on Facebook

    Hi Guys, Who usually post information on HMEM page on Facebook ? I would like to help post information of the forum on the HMEM Facebook page. Cheers, Alexandre
  4. agmachado

    Very Nice Shop

    Hi Guys, I thought you would like to see this... Pinças Pneumáticas Centro de Usinagens Em Ação Cheers and a great new year to all !!! Alexandre
  5. agmachado

    Thank You Steve Jobs

    Hi Guys! Today is a sad day for me and I believe that for many people around the world... My condolences to her family and I'm sure that He helped to improve the world! Alexandre
  6. agmachado

    Doubts with Brass

    Hi Guys, I have some doubts with relation of the brass and a metal alloy of copper and zinc, last this, in it's composition may have from 3 to 45%... What's the name of this metal ? Here in Brazil we call "latão" and brass of "bronze"! I believe it can be because of the translation. I saw...
  7. agmachado

    Arbor press selection

    Hi Tin, Do you can tell me what is this (in the picture below) ? I see this a lot here, but I do not know what is. Thank you for your attention, Alexandre
  8. agmachado

    Merlin V12 Castings for Sale

    Hi Guys, I found the Merlin V12 casting for sale in website Today I would get the email address to talk, but this website is off-line. Does anyone know more information about it? Thank you, Alexandre Machado
  9. agmachado

    Nanda Truggy NRT-3 PRO

    Hi Guys, A few days ago I began assembly of the new automodel. This model is a 1:8 scale and is off-road. Now some pictures of it... Sure, my assistant... ehehehe! All started with this... And after this... Soon to be continue... Take care...
  10. agmachado

    HPI Baja 5b SS Kit

    Hi Guys, Last Wednesday, my kit HPI Baja 5b SS arrived... very, very cool... I started the assembly at the same time and on friday it was completed! See some photos... with my daughter together! Today I throttled enough to soften the engine...
  11. agmachado

    Music Building

    Hi Guys, Yesterday, I rehearsed with my band ... an old hobby that I have kept! I took some photos to share with you ... when I have a YouTube video I notice ... I think you'll like it! Take care, Alexandre
  12. agmachado

    Model Engine Builder Collection

    Helo Guys, Today I completed my collection the Model Engine Buider magazines! Thm: Now I am waiting the issue #23, but here in Brazil the mail does not work without tracking. Soon, Toni will send for a friend in New York city and He sends to me here. It's a bigger logistic engineering !!! ;D...
  13. agmachado

    The Beatles

    Hi All, Now, my wife is mad listening to The Beatles and singing... :big: It's cool... but I prefer Pink Floyd or Deep Purple ! ??? Well... no problems!!! Cheers to all, Alexandre
  14. agmachado

    Measuring Instruments

    Hi All, Here in Brazil, we have access to some brands such as Mitutoyo, Starrett and others ... But Mitutoyo, for example are very expensive and I know that are very good. Starrett has better prices. To start my home shop, would use a digital micrometer (0-1"), a digital caliper (0-6") and a...
  15. agmachado

    For that Serve

    Hello All, I'm starting in the art of machining and would like to understand the use of some accessories that follows. Basically I would like know the situations of use for each tool below. A) B) C) D) Thank You, Alexandre
  16. agmachado

    Trust, Respect and Friendship

    Hello guys! I am the buyer mentioned in this discussion "Selling a lathe and building trust?" at To give an idea, I already paid ... because I trusted in the information provided. Another important reason is to know that he...
  17. agmachado

    V6 OHV or OHC ?

    Hello guys, I am projecting a V6 engine, the cylinders will have 13.85mm of diameter by 14mm of stroke. Inicially, I would like to put the camshaft in the block (see the picture), but I am using 60 degree in the block and do not have space enough. What do you think ? Thanks, Alexandre
  18. agmachado

    Some Models

    Hello guys! I would like to show some drawings I made in recent months. I hope you like it ... :D
  19. agmachado

    New Member from São Paulo, Brazil

    Hello, guys!!! First, I believe that join this community is a great privilege! I am a systems analyst and I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The few time I have studied about the art of building small things, especially internal combustion engines. When I found this site, I was very impressed with...