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  1. Theclockworks

    What type of chuck should I get??

    Where's the little chaps hard hat goggles and gloves :)
  2. Theclockworks

    Inexpensive (cheap) Surface Plate

    Had mine from Tesco cooking department £14.00 they say it's a chopping board but it's made of granite about 14x10 inch.
  3. Theclockworks

    Stainless steel

    Yes it drilling a 16mm hole down a 49mm bar I've done all the turning I'am drilled to 13mm but can not get that last 3mm.
  4. Theclockworks

    Model plane with engine

    Had one never did leave the ground
  5. Theclockworks

    Stainless steel

    How do I stop stainless steel work hardening?
  6. Theclockworks

    X2 Mini Mill Power Feed

    Hi David would be good to see how you attached the said motor.
  7. Theclockworks


    had a problem with one of my DRO's ,I want to thank Ian from ARKEUROTRADE for his help ,first he rang back when they said he would wich a lot of company's don't do ,second after a two minute chat he is sending me a new unit out with out any quibbling true customers service. Thank you IAN. :)
  8. Theclockworks

    Model Stationary and Marine Steam Engines by K N Harris.

    One might want to take a look here. Example
  9. Theclockworks

    Motocycle engine design

    I think you are getting a little carried away with the size of engine 1000cc single ? What bore and stroke are you thinking of ,I would say you would be saving yourself a lot of tears by sticking to say 500/600cc but that's just my humble opinion.
  10. Theclockworks

    WOW I'm Impressed!

    Hi Flylow Lost my mobilty about the same time as you,I'am as stubborn as a mule when it comes to getting things done,I realised early on that a large workshop was going to be a none starter so I opted for small machines sited indoors were I can stand or sit take a rest as needs be I also learned...
  11. Theclockworks

    2mm square push broach?

    Could you not use silver steel
  12. Theclockworks

    What is this

    Another image
  13. Theclockworks

    What is this

    Had this kicking around in my toolbox for years,I believe it comes from the Raleigh works in Nottingham any ideas guy?
  14. Theclockworks

    Just a bit of a gripe.

    Name and shame then we will know who to avoid.
  15. Theclockworks

    Sticky-Tools and Fixtures for the Mini Mill

    Hi not a fixture but a quick way of fitting DRO on the mini mill. Does anyone have an idea for fitting stops to the table. The blued slab is the start of a sub table which will be threaded with 6--8mm for for fixtures to bolt straight on.
  16. Theclockworks

    Busy Bee/ Craftex 7 x 12 Lathe

    Hello and welcome regarding bearing change you may like to look a this guide.
  17. Theclockworks


    Now you've said that it may well end up as the base,I use it to keep all the small bits in as I make them.
  18. Theclockworks


    I'm more into repairing clocks and pocket watches these days Gus this funds my model endgeering,,may I suggest a book in the workshop practice series number 33 is a good read and give you insight in to all the different movments. I will pm you later I may have one archived somewhere. Up to...