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  1. Scott_M

    Gatling Gun

    I have a set of the RG-G inc. plans ( that I am not parting with ) Mine are dated 1991 and on "INTRO Page 1 " It clearly states . " No portion of these plans may be reproduced for any purpose without express written consent from RG-G Inc. " and Copyright - P. Moore 1991 just FYI Scott
  2. Scott_M

    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Yes, 7 was my first version. Tormach is very good to their legacy users like you and I. My machine is SN#225 and I think your # is lower than mine. I think if something went wrong trying to install it on a new OS, Tormach would take care of it somehow. Scott
  3. Scott_M

    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Hi Terry They used to hand these out at events, I got this one at a "CNC Workshop" in Michigan in 2010. This is the only version my dongle will activate. I am pretty sure the dongle is version specific and not keyed or ID'd to my computer. I have installed it on each new computer over the...
  4. Scott_M

    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Hi Terry It is the one I got with the original software back in the XP days. But the dongle only works with the original "Demo" disk I got from Tormach. When I built my new computer I downloaded a legacy version of SC7 and my dongle would not work. I had to find my original disk that came with...
  5. Scott_M

    Ford 300 Inline Six

    For the record I am running SprutCam7 on a 64 bit windows 10 machine. It seems to work just fine. Scott
  6. Scott_M

    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Hi Terry Gorgeous as always !! Your fits and finishes are always a treat to see. You have become very proficient at lying to sprutcam 😉 . I am still using version 7 and know all too well what you mean. I still think the best part of your builds is your documentation, photography and willingness...
  7. Scott_M

    What do you think?

    Very nice ! It sounds like the sand packs up as soon as it stops moving. Maybe feed the screw directly from your running cement mixer. Set up some sort of tilting device for the mixer so it will pour at the rate the screw can handle. This way the sand is always moving. Control the tilt and screw...
  8. Scott_M

    Metric Threads on Generic 12x 36 lathe

    Great !! I think that will put you back on the path :) Good luck with your threading Scott
  9. Scott_M

    Metric Threads on Generic 12x 36 lathe

    Hi Colin Sorry ,you do seem to understand :) I hope I did not come off as condescending :( Do you know the pitch of the leadscrew ? and the tooth count of all the gears ? We can figure this out, it is just a matter of ratios. My leadscrew is 8tpi. And the you can see my placards showing the...
  10. Scott_M

    Metric Threads on Generic 12x 36 lathe

    Hi Colin It sounds like you did not change the idler gear from 40 to a 32 tooth. On my 12x36 "Import" lathe to cut that range of threads requires a change of one of the 40 tooth gears to 36 tooth. See pic of my thread/gear chart. Here you can see that the lower 40 tooth gets changed to a 32...
  11. Scott_M

    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Hi Gary Just hover over anybody's avatar and then click on "Start a Conversation" This will start what we used to call a PM "private message" directly through the forum. Scott
  12. Scott_M

    Advice sought re: 3D printer purchase

    Here is a Material guide from the Simplify3D website. They also have a great trouble shooting guide. Check the "Support" tab lots of resources. Ultimate 3D Printing Materials Guide | Simplify3D Scott
  13. Scott_M

    Single Depth of Thread for 26 TPI

    You can also use the formula for obtaining tap drill size and then divide by 2 to get single depth. outside dia. of thread minus .01299 x percentage of full thread divided by threads per inch = drilled hole size if we use 100% and skip the outside diameter we get .1299x100= 1.29 dived by 26...
  14. Scott_M

    Anyone care to suggest a value on this rotary table?

    My father used to have a Palmgren 8" cross slide rotary table. They still make one Link to Palmgren table Just a quick search for " 8" cross slide rotary table " Brings up several. They seem to range from about $600 to a grand - new. If you can determine the country of origin it would help a...
  15. Scott_M

    Sheraton 9A Headstock Lapping

    Norman You should check your math or look at your calipers a little closer. 45.73mm is 1.8003". Not a stock size. Would still need to machine to size. Scott
  16. Scott_M

    270 Offy

    Hi Terry Awesome as always !!! Not sure if you knew that panel mount XT60 connectors are available. Or if your design would tolerate them, they do need a bit more room and require some possibly ugly screws. But wanted to make sure you knew about them. Here is an Amazon link, but they are...
  17. Scott_M

    How do I order inserts for this?

    Hi Tim If you scroll to the bottom of the page you linked to, there are some TT321 inserts from interstate. TT321 is a very common size. Try your search again with the 321. Scott
  18. Scott_M

    Tormach 1100MX opinion

    Hi Jon I have an 1100 series 3. Bought it way back in the beginning (2007) and have been updating it to the newer designs. I guess I am in the fan boy corner. The machine has been great for me and has been very productive. And the company has always been there if any trouble arose. There will...
  19. Scott_M

    270 Offy

    Hi Terry As always, beautiful work ! But I really wanted to thank you for sharing your mistakes as well :) and the really awesome and clever engineering used to right the wrong. You always come up with an elegant solution. Many thanks for sharing ! Scott
  20. Scott_M

    Werowance builds a webster

    I have not seen the plans or any other views, But that makes me think that feature is square, not round. It even looks bigger on the section labeled .375" I'm not sure if it makes any difference, or if it is needed for clearance. Round would be easier. Scott