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  1. GailInNM

    Sparkplug extension at plug wire end

    Brian, I made up some small plugs, 10-40 thread, a while back using pulltruded fiber glass - epoxy rod. According to the specs I was able to find it has slightly better insulating qualities than Corian. and as good heat tolerance as Acetal which is the base material of Corian. Very stiff and not...
  2. GailInNM

    Spark Plug constructlon revisited

    Great ideas and methods Jason, Steamchick, Simon and others. Very nice constructions plans Simon. By sharing our ideas and methods novices builders can see that spark plugs are not really "spooky" and that as long as a few basic techniques such as spark gap, adequate electrical insulation and...
  3. GailInNM

    Deleting posts

    Gordon, If you have a valid reason for wanting a post deleted or edited you can ask any moderator to do it for you but please don't ask to have minor typos that really do not affect the meaning of the post corrected. The moderators builders and value thieer shop time as much as you do yours...
  4. GailInNM

    Miniture spark plugs

    While my prefered material is leaded steel, I have seen brass used without problems by others, and as Minh Thanh said he has done it. Be sure to use a soft copper washer on the plug to make a good seal with the head. Your next material problem may be the insulator material. Most US A...
  5. GailInNM

    T head engine by Brian

    SIRJOHN, You mentioned cutting bevel gears in a previous post. Miter, bevel and skew bevel gears can be cut with the same standard involute cutters used for spur gears. They have a different tooth form than the commercial bevel gears that can only be cut by a generating process, but are just as...
  6. GailInNM

    3/16 rod

    John (comstock-friend), I like 1144 also and have used quite a bit of it as it machines well and has very little distortion from machining. Unfortunately I don't know of any common source of it under 1/4 inch diameter and the OP needs 3/16 diameter. If anyone knows of a source under 1/4 inch I...
  7. GailInNM

    3/16 rod

    Dave, I agree that stainless steel would be a better choice from an engineering standpoint. The thread started is having trouble machining the steels that he has tried so I suggest 12L14 to overcome his machining problems. I have used 12L14 for model steam locomotives and engines for many years...
  8. GailInNM

    3/16 rod

    I would suggest that you try 12L14 steel. It available from most any of the online metal vendors such as Online Metals or Speedy metals. 12L14 is very easy to machine. It's only disadvantage is that is is a little more prone to rust than some other alloys, but if you wipe or spray a little...
  9. GailInNM

    Engine Specs

    No offense taken John. I feel that open discussion of differing opinions is one of the best ways for all of us to learn. I have used O-rings quite successfully on engines with larger bores of 3/4 inch and up. But, for the 3/8 inch bore engines that I have been building for the last 10 years or...
  10. GailInNM

    Selling on HMEM

    The rules for selling on HMEM are in the BUY/SELL'TRADE forum at: As long as this is an incidental sale (ie not part of a business) and you are an active member of HMEM it will be OK however a posting in the INTRODUCTION...
  11. GailInNM

    Engine Specs

    George and Steve both make good points and both are very accomplished builders of small IC engines. From an engineering standpoint there are three main types of things to consider when scaling down. First there are things that do not change. Atmospheric pressure, compression ratio and voltage...
  12. GailInNM

    30cc single cylinder wall

    BUMP: Bumped to get this post into the new posts listing. It never appeared there because of a forum error. HMEM Administrator
  13. GailInNM

    Demon V8 water pump

    I think that the confusion comes from the gear diameters specified is the OD of the , gear. The pitch diameter, where the teeth touch is different. The OD of a gear is equal to (N+2) / DP and the Pitch diameter is equal to N X the DP, where N is the number of teeth and DP is the diametrical...
  14. GailInNM

    Spark Plug constructlon revisited

    I have made many plugs using Corian and it works fine but is quite brittle. Also it is difficult to find in some overseas countries. I went searching for a replacement material and fount that pulltruded fiberglass epoxy rod has slightly better high voltage insulating qualities and better heat...
  15. GailInNM

    Shop Vac for the Mill

    Looks like a good solution to your floor space problem. As an addition to make it even more convenient to use I will suggest that you add a remote wireless on/off switch at the nozzle. I did this about 10 years ago and it really makes life easier. Here is a link to the thread I did on it...
  16. GailInNM

    Simple center finder for small holes

    OK. We have a part and need to locate it in the mill by "picking up" (locating the center) of a hole. If the hole is 1/8 inch (3mm) or larger it is no problem using a DTI, but when the hole is too small for this it starts to become e problem. In the past I have used a wiggler and centered it...
  17. GailInNM

    Bridgeport simmple knee dial mods for the visualayimpaired

    Current plan is for 3 wide viewing angle white LEDs mounted close to the index mark. This is so a least one of the numbers on the dial will be illuminated at any time. I will mold the LEDs in a filled epoxy that contours to match the area near the dial and then mount it with double stick carpet...
  18. GailInNM

    Leaded steel

    1144 is also available as TGP (Turned Ground Polished) for use in Swiss style CNC lathes. It costs more of course but can save considerable time when making some parts as the OD is accurate enough for bearing fits with out any additional work. Gail in NM
  19. GailInNM

    Tooling storage on the toolroom lathe

    One additional photo I forgot to post. I engraved label strips with both fractional and decimal sizes to go on all the standard size collet hholes. Gail in NM
  20. GailInNM

    Tooling storage on the toolroom lathe

    I bought an ACRA toolroom lathe almost 20 years ago. The ACRA is a very accurate copy of a Hardinge HLV. If the Hardrige had a 10-32 hole tapped in the ACRA has one there also. It is made by Cyclematic in Taiwan. This means that all Hardinge accessories are bolt on so additional tooling is...