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  1. werowance

    Trade 2 - 1inch milling bits for trade

    Hi, i have 2 - 1" inch milling bits for trade that i got from a trade school auction. they appear to have never been used. they are to large for my machine so they have just been sitting on the shelf for years. what i would like to do is trade them to someone who would be willing to grind me...
  2. werowance

    setting up for metal spinning

    not sure if this should be in the "machine modifications" section but here goes. i am making a tool post for metal spinning on my lathe. the type that has the drop in pins accross a flat piece of steel so you can use your "tool" which is a round shaft with a sort of ball nosed end on it. like...
  3. werowance

    Werowance attempts Myfordboys traction engine

    I just received my castings and instructions for Myfordboys traction engine. not that i am experienced with machining castings but to my untrained eye they appear to be very good quality. the blueprints are the type i like with only 1 or 2 parts per page with multiple view points of each part...
  4. werowance

    module 1 gear cutter question

    i know i have asked several questions about gear cutters in the past but today i stumbled across some information that if i understand correctly will make my life much easier. in particular i only want to work with module 1 for my question because thats about the only thing i use. so if i have...
  5. werowance

    Upshur Vertical Single 4 stroke by Werowance

    here is my completed Upshur Vertical single 4 stroke engine. build log here - Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single | Home Model Engine Machinist and thanks all for the help last video here - unedited and poor video and a photo or two
  6. werowance

    squaring mill vice on combo lathe mill machine

    i have been complaining for a long time about having to change between lathe tool post and mill vice on my combo lathe / mill machine. every time i have to switch to the mill vice i usually spend a considerable amount of time getting the vice square. it doesnt have tabs on the base to fit the...
  7. werowance

    1/2 inch by 11 thread bolt ????

    someone asked me if I had a 1/2 inch by 11 thread die that I could make a new bolt for an antique grist mill. I have not seen the bolt but I cant find that is even a normal thread. I cant imagine they would have custom made the threads for a weird count in a piece of farm machiniery. so...
  8. werowance

    cnc engraving recomendations

    so I recently purchased a 3018 cnc engraver and just now getting to play around with it a little. I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for engraving brass or aluminum name tags or say a zippo lighter for example. it came with pointed d bits for engraving. I guess main...
  9. werowance

    know anyone who can fix this or does this type of service?

    a friend brought 2 brass cups to me last night from an antique milk shake mixer. these cups are what the glass parts set in and you crank a handle to agitate the milkshakes. at any rate the sheetmetal brass cups are cracked sevierly and someone has tried to solder one back already. so he...
  10. werowance

    Werowance attempts Upshur Vertical Single

    decided on the Upshur Vertical Single as my next engine, bout the plans studied them a few days then got started last night. ordered most of my material yesterday and last night the only thing I found that was close enough was the top plate for the engine. plans called for brass or steel but...
  11. werowance

    i think i have settled on my next engine and have a question or more

    I think I have found the next engine I want to build. the Upshur Vertical Single. I was able to contact Andy and get the drawings. he was very nice and emailed me the plans. - Andy I appreciate that if you are reading. the drawings are good and instruction portion seem to be straight forward...
  12. werowance

    Longboy, did you make this stirling engine?

    Longboy, is this your engine and design? if so may I ask is it in imperial measurement and do you have plans that I could purchase?
  13. werowance

    anyone have imperialized version of sterling 60 plans?

    was looking around for my next engine and I like the sterling 60. what I don't like is that its in metric and I don't have taps or drills etc to easily work in metric. not that there is anything wrong with the metric system. I'm just not tooled up for it and I just really am not that good at...
  14. werowance

    how to remove silver plate from copper?

    Hi, was visiting my mom this weekend and she has an old serving tray that almost all of the silver plate is gone and she would like to remove what little is left so she can polish it up for a nice copper serving tray. problem is there is an etched or carved pattern in the copper and I think...
  15. werowance

    Werowance builds a webster

    finally getting around to start building a Webster. started with the base and already running into a tooling issue. my vice can hold the plate on the side in order to square up the long edges but I don't have room to do the short edges and my vice wont hold the plate flat because its to big...
  16. werowance

    what does double acting mean?

    so when someone says a steam engine is "double acting" does that mean something like this: steam preasure hits the top of the piston and pushes it down, then steam preasure hits the bottom of the piston and pushes it back up? which would require a sealed piston rod on the bottom I assume. or...
  17. werowance

    spring winding

    was considering trying to make some of my own springs instead of buying them and have a question. when it calls for something like 10 coils per inch on your spring would you setup your lathe for threading and go by the chart for 10 threads per inch? and I guess trial and error on the expansion...
  18. werowance

    off topic but questions about battery plates materials

    so not long ago i found the reminants from an old science project i did with my grand kids. making a battery from potatoes using an iron nail and a galvanized nail and it got me to thinking about using a little more profesional looking plates and such, maybe experiment with lemon juice, viniger...
  19. werowance

    imperialized version of Ridders flame eater complete

    here is my finished build of Brian Rupnows imperialized version of Jan Ridders flame eater. it was a lot of fun and tears building this thing and at the end it runs very well and starts right up after a few seconds of pre heating the cylinder. this is my third engine. first one was a failure...
  20. werowance

    cnc router plans and recomendations

    in the past I have built a wooden cnc router and it works "ok" but its not very rigid, uses a dremel tool etc... today I am searching around for some plans that are a little bit more rigid that I can make from aluminum. I can reuse my nema 32 steppers and controller off my old one and will...