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    Stuart Turner Triple Expansion Engine 80% finished for sale.

    Hi Folks Sadly i have to sell my part complete Stuart Turner Triple Expansion Engine. All the work carried out so far has been done to a VERY high standard. I do not have drawings for this engine but they are available from Stuarts. What's left to do ? A crankshaft will need to be fabricated...
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    Question Re- buy/sell/ebay section (Sorted thank you)

    Hi folks I have tried to put a notice on the buy/sell section to sell my 80% completed Stuart Turner Triple expansion engine. But it has not appeared on the site yet. I know i have posted it because when i tried again, i got a message saying i had already posted this "post". That was this...
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    Christmas !

    Merry Christmas To all my good friends at HMEM and a prosperous and peaceful New year. Kind regards Malcolm
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    Looking for a UK supplier of BA fasteners

    Hi Folks After spending many hours searching Google for a UK supplier of BA fasteners (Hex head steel) in bulk ie boxes rather than 10's or 20's I have drawn a complete blank !!!!! Any ideas ????? Kind regards Malcolm
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    Member count aproaches 2000

    Hi Folks I just glanced at the member stats and we are at 1964, only 36 to go................. There where 20 non members on the board at the time i wrote this, COME ON IN AND JOIN US It seems so recently we where celebrating 1000 members, Now another pat on the back for all the mod's and...
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    Bog's Is Leaving us ?????????

    I have just read the post from our beloved bogs and it reads to me that he will not be posting here anymore. Malcolmt