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  1. kf2qd

    Source for small fasteners in U.S.

    I recently found this site having small fasteners - Hardware - Machine Screws - Page 1 - orchidsound electronics - for example - 100 2-56x3/4 Phillips head screws $3.65. They have a nice collection of small inch and metric screws and nuts, all at very low prices. I have looke other places and...
  2. kf2qd

    Any tips on making a worm and wheel?

    I have a Hardinge UM from an old Navy vessel that is missing the power feed. I have an idea of the size to the worm wheel and wor. It would appear that the original had a 2 start worm and 30 tooth wheel. Bore on the worm was 5/8 and fit over the table lead screw with a key driving the screw...
  3. kf2qd

    MT5 to 5C collet adapter..

    Recently got an Enco 12x36 lathe and I would like to be able to use collets in the spindle. I know I can get the whole setup from Grizzly, but like many others, the money can sometimes be in short supply and I think that I can reasonably make the rest of the parts save for the #5MT to 5C adapter...
  4. kf2qd

    Some 3D models

    Decided to do some 3D modelling - Starting with Elmers #1 Didn't include fasteners and such. Have the Drawing in AutoCad if anyone is interested. Decided to draw it up because the pictures with the original download didn't show up very well, and sometimes a good rotated view can make the...
  5. kf2qd

    Nice addition to my shop - Hardinge UM

    Picked up a new toy this weekend. Esco Marine Salvage at the Port of Brownsville had a former Navy Hardinge UM Universal Milling Machine. I had been sitting outside for a while (no rain to speak of for the past 18 months except for the past month) so after cleaning up the surface rust it looks...
  6. kf2qd

    Source for 1/8 endmills (and other small ones also

    I am neding some 1/8 endmills and not wanting to pay a high price for something I know I am going to break (dmb thumbs on the CNC...). I got my last batch from a vendor at NAMES a few years back and have managed to bust the last one. Those I got for a buck a piece (plus the drive from South...
  7. kf2qd

    Working on a Cheap CAM program for use with ProgeCAD or AutoCAD

    I have been working on a VBA application that runs inside ProgeCAD or AutoCAD that helps write CNC code as you select eh elements to add and make a few descisions along the way. Is there anyone out there who might be interrested in playing with it? At the present time it is basically 2D with...
  8. kf2qd

    New KX3

    Just got a new KX3 CNC mill here in my room at the school where I work. Been getting it all setup and working and hope to make some real cuts tomorrow. Had to play around with the configuration so that it will display on inch and I am hoping I can get some more RAM for the computer so I can play...
  9. kf2qd

    1905 Book on 1 Cylinder Oil & Gas Pumping Engines

    Here's another book I found on Project Gutenburg - Oil and Gas Engines Simply Explained by Walter C. Runciman dated 1905. Talks about the old 1 lung gas and oil pumpung engines with lots of good illustrations. While not dimesioned, the drawings give enough detail of how they did it that one...
  10. kf2qd

    Packard Aero Diesel -

    Found this browsing through Project Gutenburg - The Packard Aircraft Diesel of 1928. An interresting history, description and a few good pictures. Pete
  11. kf2qd

    .60 Model Airplane Engine

    Been going to post these plans for a long time, many things have stood in the way.... I developed this design when I was in college 20 years ago. It is made from 3 - 2" cubes of aluminum plus a 2x2x1 for the head, a cast iron sleeve and a steel crank. This was designed for a 1 semester Machine...