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  1. student_Machinist

    Apprentice Demon V8 Build

    Hey everyone I feel like Im well overdue posting this but butter late than never right? I have photos of most of the setups but I dont want to flood this thread off the bat but if there's anything you specifically want to see then let me know There is one mistake thats rather...
  2. student_Machinist

    My overengineered 3d printer

    Hey guys I know this isnt really the focus of this forum but someone might find it interesting, that and i need as much help as i can get :p I started this printer when i was 18 (im 19 almost 20 now) and its been complete for quite some time but ive been messing around with a massive issue for...
  3. student_Machinist

    Challenging parts for training

    Hey guys Im about 6 months into a fitting and machining apprenticeship and to put it simply im not learning anything as far as the machining goes (im 19 btw). The parts that we make are so basic im not sure id call it machining. What scares me is that not long ago i made what i was told is...
  4. student_Machinist

    Starrett 174 dimensions

    Heya If any one has one would you mind filling in some of the measurements as show in the pic? I want to have a go at making one but want it to look right. Just in case its hard to work out from the pic the measurements I need are: A) Total length of the body B) Distance from center of the...
  5. student_Machinist

    Tools you made as an apprentice thread

    Hey guys This is the "Tools you made as an apprentice thread" thread ;D Would like some ideas for things to make that would be useful for my apprenticeship (sorry im milking the apprenticeship thing a bit lately ::) ) Post away! tho pics preferred. Im thinking things along the lines of tap...
  6. student_Machinist

    Mitutoyo caliper question

    Quick question Does anyone know if these were ever made in metric?
  7. student_Machinist

    Apprentice toolbox

    Hey guys Ive just started an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner and have started to get some separate work tools but now need some thing to put them in. Im not too keen on the mechanics style tool boxes and would ultimately like and old Kennedy or something similar but the are few and far...
  8. student_Machinist

    HMEM name change

    Heya sorry if this is the wrong place for this but I was wondering if any of the mods could help me out. I would like to change my name if possible as I more or less sucked at being a student and seeing as im about to start an apprenticeship the name student_Machinist doesnt seem to relevent...
  9. student_Machinist

    Mill stand height

    Hey guys Ive had my mill and lathe for a while on the stands that they came with but they are way too low at the moment as I have to actually bend down to reach the dials. Im 6'3" so most asian made stuff is way too small for me, i have the same problem with the seats in my car ::) What is the...
  10. student_Machinist

    Poppin's alive!

    Hi every one After a lot of procrastinating my poppin is finally running! this is my first running engine. The video below (hopefully it works) is of it turning over reasonably slowly it was remarkably easy to get to run, fired up first try! Still...
  11. student_Machinist

    Metal sources in NZ

    Hi guys Im having a huge problem with trying to find a supplier who i can buy relatively small amounts of stock from for various projects. i know you guys in the USA have online metals and the like but could any one form New Zealand chime in and suggest any good sources? Regards Jonathan
  12. student_Machinist

    How would i machine this?

    This isn't really related to model engineering but i could do with some help with how to make something that closely resembles this: Its a linear slide for a rapid prototyping printer that im thinking of making so tolerances need to be very tight. I need two for each axis, around 140mm long...
  13. student_Machinist

    Poppin Help

    Hi guys I started a poppin engine quite few months a go but got discouraged when thing didnt quite go my way (quite a common thing for me to do unfortunately, now i have plenty of half finished projects ::)) But i figured it was about time that i got started on it again and tried to fix the...
  14. student_Machinist

    Some of my projects

    Hey guys I thought some of you could be interested in some of the projects i have done/ working on This is a link to my albums let me know if it the link dosent work then i post individual pics. For thoses that dont know my name is Jonathan...
  15. student_Machinist

    Analog read out

    Hey guys Just wondering if any one uses dial indicators on their lathe/mill cross slides as a kind of analog read out? Pics would be appreciated as i would like to get some ideas be for i try this my self. thanks in advance Jonathan