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  1. coulsea

    flywheel stl share

    I have posted some stl files in the foundry and casting section
  2. coulsea

    flywheel stl files

    3d printers are great for making patterns but files seem to be hard to find, so I thought that I should share mine. The smaller flywheel is from the 140 mm pattern scaled to 0.65 in the slicer program. The larger one is a 90 mm pattern at full scale, the blue patterns are lumps to provide hot...
  3. coulsea

    melting grader slide/wear plates

    I have tried casting with brass? wear plates from a cat grader and seem to be getting a lot of shrinkage. has anyone else had experience with these. picture shows a mini anvil in aluminium and brass, the tapered brass sprue has been cut off, the riser is still there. I don't think that air went...
  4. coulsea

    Upshur twin

    Nearly finished, crankcase cover is plastic printed
  5. coulsea

    Depenbusch air cooled

    I have made a hopper cooled hit and miss engine from the Depenbuch plans and decided to do an air cooled version, no hit and miss gear at the moment. It has 6 inch flywheels. the main things that I tried with this model are home made cast iron rings (O rings up until now) and I wanted a magneto...
  6. coulsea

    Dummy magneto hall sensor mount

    I have been thinking about mounting a hall sensor in a dummy magneto for a while now and finally got around to having a go. I have a 3d printer so thought that i would print something to give me an idea of scale, for my first attempt at 3d cad i was pleased with the result. the template was the...
  7. coulsea

    Upshur plans

    The web site is up and running again 3 sets of plans with another coming. the plans are a reasonable price at $10.50 American or about $16 Australian, pay with paypal.
  8. coulsea

    Hand wheels for mill and vice

    I have always disliked the handwheels on my mill (HM48) they just don't feel good. so I decided to change them, found some on ebay, I am really...
  9. coulsea

    Barstock single cylinder in metric

    A couple of years ago I built my first IC engine and my son really likes it so I thought that I would make him one for Xmas. There are no plans, I just made it up as I went along. I hope to make a few improvements to fix some of the things that didn't turn out as well as I would like. Some of...
  10. coulsea

    1/2 scale Buzacott IC

    This is a 1/2 scale Buzacott 2HP which is the Australian version of a Fuller and Johnson. it is built from castings, I have had the castings for about 5 years but was too scared of messing them up so I built a few barstock engines first. I have a full size Buzacott engine, an upshur hopper...
  11. coulsea

    looking for simple tractor plans

    I am looking for plans or just line drawings of a very simple early tractor. here is a youtube video of the sort of thing that I am after . it is an open crank single cylinder, basically a traction engine with the steam replaced with an IC engine. I don't need a faithful recreation just...
  12. coulsea

    Hit and miss engine

    Finished the transporter and mounted the ignition for my latest engine. Just need to tinker with the hit and miss springs to slow it down, I will run it in a bit more first. Based on these plans...
  13. coulsea

    what is this engine

    found this engine on the Banggood site and was wondering if it is a copy of something and if so what? go to 3.30 on the video to see the action
  14. coulsea

    upshur engines

    finished 3 Upshur engines. They are a good project for a relatively simple ic engine. The vertical and hopper cooled have hit and miss the air cooled missed out because I used five spoke flywheels that came off a previous project. they run on shellite (coleman fuel) and the ignition is a rcexel...
  15. coulsea

    how fast is your finger engine

    Add a bicycle speedometer to your finger engine and the grandchildren can have competitions
  16. coulsea

    My first IC engine

    What a good feeling. I spent 6 months on this and was getting worried towards the end that maybe it wouldn't work.