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  1. Richard Hed

    Experimental Flash Steam and others

    Since I inadvertently and mistakenly hog the blog, that is, write things that the original poster didn't intend to go there, I am starting my own blog to hog in this post. Just first let me make things "perfectly clear" as R. Nixon might have said: Please do not write on this thread unless...
  2. Richard Hed

    junk cast iron

    I can bid on a mill stand, refer to photo please, whichis basically useless, however, I am am wondering if I could cut chunks off this and use it for cast iron engine parts, particularly if it would be possible to machine cylinders or any other parts from this? There are also some parts that...
  3. Richard Hed

    The French horizontal mill with slide valve drawn up by JD Waal in New Zealand

    I have been redrawing this so I can more easily understand what this engine is and I have come across a problem: There is a section that says such and such is in assembly dwg "106" but there is no 106. This assembly is with the cylinder and a special valve base which fits into the side groove...
  4. Richard Hed

    Allis-Chalmers lathe

    My company has an old Allis-Chalmers lathe. Looks of it, is 30s-40ish. But my boss said it was 1950s. I thimk earlier by the looks. Anyway I lookt on the internet for something about it and all I found was someone trying to sell me farm machinery. Does anyone know anything about...
  5. Richard Hed

    India Tools

    I'm thimking that since we all know about or buy Chinese stuff which has it's various qualities, quantities and low price, that India being a competitor of China (apparently don't get along very well and I thimk the Indians have less impulse to conquer the world by military means), that maybe we...
  6. Richard Hed

    Buying a lathe

    Since I have one of the crappiest lathes ever made, an Enco 9-20, and it is very sloppy and does not do left hand threads (which is a big reason I bought a lathe), I am looking to buy a better lathe in the 4-5000$ range. I would say the only thing good about an Enco of this size is that any...