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  1. Ramon

    The Eta15d diesel - a series of 5cc versions

    Hi Guys Some of you may recall I posted some pics of my attempts to make 5cc versions of this well loved British model aircraft engine in my introductory post. When setting out I had harboured thoughts that it would be nice to eventually cover all versions plus one 'special' and here, quite...
  2. Ramon

    Posting Images

    Hi , hope someone can help me here I tried to post an image last night without success. Never used to be a problem so can anyone tell me if things are now different. I copied the URL of the image into the box that comes up after selecting 'insert image' but all that would come up on the post...
  3. Ramon

    Super Tigre G32 1cc diesel - a 5cc version

    Here are a few pics of the finished engines as decribed in Work in Progress. This shows one engine against a photo of the original little 1cc owned by Ernesto Pizzi. It was from the images Ernesto took for me and all the dimensions he provided that this became a viable project so I am...
  4. Ramon

    Mods to a Super 7

    Hi, On another thread one of our esteemed moderators noticed I had a series of holes around my lathe chuck commenting that perhaps I found them useful. Obviously used for dividing they certainly are that but having been there for so long they are never given second thought to. Perhaps though...
  5. Ramon

    Super Tigre G32 1cc diesel - a 5cc version

    After finishing the Eta engines it was intended to follow those with this project but somehow that intention got waylaid by the Waller engine and other extraneous factors that occurred late last year and into this one ::) At last though, after what seems like an eternity due to one distraction...
  6. Ramon

    A Table Engine Tale

    This project, a Waller Table engine from circa 1880, began around 1998 when the original model, designed by Anthony Mount, was published in Engineering in Miniature. It was decided to make it one third larger which would give a flywheel of 12" diameter and an overall height including plinth...
  7. Ramon

    My first IC engines

    Hi, This is my first post here (other than in the Welcome section). Up until about two years ago I had had a long several year layoff from all matters machining. A good friend encouraged me to make an IC engine after lending him all the information I had gathered over the years. The 'Nova 1'...
  8. Ramon

    New Member

    Hi, Having visited this forum on many occasions it is only in the last few days I realised I have been banned! Apparently this was due to my inactivity and I'm pleased to say that Tel has now sorted it all out and 'suggested' I might make an introductory post - so here goes. My name is Ramon...