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    A different type of steam engine

    Has anyone thought of using an impact wrench for a steam engine? They put out alot of torque, but use alot of air. Some are reversible, I have one that reverses. I was wonderind what would happen to them if they ran on steam? Mythbusters made a steam machine gun, the engines were steam powered...
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    I need an eccentric

    For my engine, it will power the water pump. The pump has a 3/4" stroke, so the ecentric will be offset 3/8", right?? Does anyone know how to make one, some of you do I know that ;) I need one made, and I simply dont have any machining tools to make one.If one of you chooses to make one for me...
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    Oil burner

    I got this idea from this website The burner design is a simple yet ingeniously easy and good way to fire a boiler. Today I learned about 3 new talents :D Welding: Ok, my dad did most of it But I made the cam for the engine :D Brazing: This I need...
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    Converting a gas engine to steam

    Well, I screwed up >:( I broke a valve tappet on my 2 hp briggs. I'm not sure If I want to replace it but in the mean time I have this Its a 5 Hp Briggs & Straton gas engine, it came off an old generator that quit working. The problem was with the engine, the intake valve was...
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    Compression fitting or solder?

    For my big boiler that I'm building I have to cut 10' sections of 5/8" OD copper tubing, fill them with sand and coil them. Then get the sand out and connect them back together. My question is, How do I connect them? With a compression fitting, or a 45 degree copper fitting which I solder...
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    Harbor freight Lathe/mill/drill

    Since joining this forum, I have increased my thoughts to machining stuff. Problem is I need to have something to machine with. So I looked at the Harbor freight catalog and saw the perfect thing. A lathe/mill/drill all in one.Does anyone have something similar to this? I have not bought it yet...
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    Hello from Minnesota

    Hello, I'm sure the whole forum is glad to have a new member. I'm glad because I have alot to learn about machining. You will probably turn out some good peices after some practice.
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    Water pump

    I am making a monotube boiler and have a few questions about pumping water into it. When pumping water into the tube, does the water have to be the same pressure as the steam? Or can I use low pressure water? What kind of pressure can I expect from 100' of 1/2" copper tubing? Any help would...
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    Our workshop

    It's me and my dads workshop. The garage on the right and the carport are mine. The rest is my dads, hes has a 1964 chevelle, 1940 chevrolet master deluxe, and a 1993 vette, I have a 1967 mustang coupe. We also have a car lift ;) Fully Air conditioned 1964 chevelle My side of the...
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    Public Hello (a few days late)

    Just wanted to make the Official Hello to the fourm. Hello, I'm Ranger Moore from Houston TX, I'm 14 years old and very interested into steam. this was probably fueled by may dad since he has 3 cars, a 1964 chevelle(rat rodded),1940 chevrolet Master Deluxe (restored to original), and a 1993...
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    Medium sized monotube boiler

    Since I have my gas steam engine. I need to make a boiler for it, I'm going with a monotube boiler made from 2 coils of 60' 1/2" copper tubing. The outer shell for this will be a small air compressor tank. I need some advice on what to do. Here is what I need help on. A feedwater pump...
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    Gas steam/air engine CAM

    As promised here are several Pictures of the cam. Hope this explains how it works. If not , basically what I did is grind off the cam lifters, drill 2 holes through the cam at 90 degrees apart then put screws in the holes. After that I just had to grind the screws till the valves opened at the...
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    Boiler Ideas

    This site has some good homemade water tube boilers. Or monotube boilers, same thing. Kinda
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    I'm good at burners

    I would say that my specialty is burners. Mostly alcohol but can think up new ideas for a burner every second or so. If you need some type of super hot burner I'm your kid. ;D The reason for this is that I'm a pyromaniac ::)
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    Gas engine converted to steam/air

    Well this is my latest join to a forum. I'm already a member of the The Unofficial Mamod and Other Steam Forum, and the yahoo fourm. I do not machine engines per say, ;D just modify engine to my liking. I am 14 years old and live in LaPorte Texas near Houston 8) I am a steam engine collector and...
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