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  1. seadragonfoundry

    Challenger V8

    Finally finished the Challenger V8 from Coles and what a challenge it was for me. I still need to make a few improvements to the carburettor but it is as good as done. It can sit on the shelf for a while now as I have started another Holt 75, I sold the first one I built so maybe this one will...
  2. seadragonfoundry

    Challenger V8 questions.

    I have just managed to get my Challenger V8 to the running stage but have a few questions that those who have gone before me may be able to help me with. I have built it to the plans, that is, without oil rings and when viewed from the front of the engine the left bank of cylinders is smoky when...
  3. seadragonfoundry

    For sale

    Holt engine castings and prints. I have built one of these engines and intended to build a second but this will not happen so the set of castings and prints are for sale. Includes a completed crankshaft cut from solid. Price is $900 AUD, plus buyer pays freight, PM me with any questions.
  4. seadragonfoundry

    Callahan cam stopper castings and plans.

    Can anyone help me with info re the above? I have tried contacting Cooper Tools with no result, are they still in business or is there another source of supply? Thanks Graeme
  5. seadragonfoundry

    Centaur side shaft engine first run

    This engine is to the Edgar T Westbury design with a few minor modifications, my patterns and castings. I thought I would fit a fake magneto for appearance, when complete the plug wire will come from the magneto pickup. Still a lot of work to do however this is an encouraging start. The magneto...
  6. seadragonfoundry

    Frisco Standard

    Just finished this Frisco Standard, an interesting engine to build. Castings from Shelf Pet Models,I didn't bother with the igniters. Hopefully you can view it drom here.
  7. seadragonfoundry

    Challenger V8 Carburettor

    I am well on my way building the Challenger, however I have no information regarding a suitable carby for this engine. I am wondering if someone who has gone before me can help, please? Also, if the fuel tank is located under the engine, I will need a lift pump to raise the fuel to the carby ...
  8. seadragonfoundry

    Fairbanks Morse Model Z ,1/3 scale model

    I have made a start on a pair of Fairbanks Morse Z3 engines. I had a few months off after building the Holt and the Hoglets and needed to clear some castings off the shelf. These casting sets are from Canadian Model Engineering and both plans and castings are good though some thin sections...
  9. seadragonfoundry

    Buzzacott hit and miss

    This is one of a pair of engines I built based on an Australian Buzzacott 2 HP hit and miss engine. I made the patterns and core box and cast the parts in iron, brass and aluminium in my home foundry. The gears were cut using home made form relieved gear cutters to a method described in The...
  10. seadragonfoundry

    Challenger V8 or alternative?

    I have recently completed a pair of Hoglets and a Holt engine. I have a few smaller builds in front of me before the next major project and I have been thinking of a V8 engine along the lines of the Challenger. I would be most interested to hear from any builders who have built the engine or...
  11. seadragonfoundry

    Holt engine finished

    There are still a few loose ends to tidy up but essentially ,the engine is finished.This has been an interesting engine to build and I have learnt a lot. My thanks go to Coles Power Models for the castings and plans and also to George Britnell. George has posted details of his engine build on...
  12. seadragonfoundry

    Hoglets finished, Holt started

    Have finished a brace of Hoglets after about 3 months, thanks to all who have posted on their builds and those that answered questions on this forum when I posted them. These were fun engines to build, now for something a bit more serious. I have made a start on a Holt, I think this will be a...
  13. seadragonfoundry

    Hoglet Ignition

    I have been progressing well with my pair of Hoglets. Have just finished cutting the cams, I used the method described in MEB Issue 7. To obtain the angular separation between the lobes, I graduated the baseplate on which the 3 jaw chuck is attached. The Stressproof steel 1144 was obtained from...
  14. seadragonfoundry

    Hoglet carburetor

    I will shortly be starting to build a Hoglet V twin to the Randall Cox design. Reading through the plans, the carburetor specified is an OS 10, which has been superceded. Can any one suggest a replacement for this, or another that will do the job? Or perhaps an alternative set of carburetor...
  15. seadragonfoundry

    Fairbanks Morse Model Z ,1/3 scale model

    Can any one help me with a supplier for a set of castings for this engine please? Thanks Seadragonfoundry
  16. seadragonfoundry

    Tasker engine

    This is one of my older builds and the "Pride of the Fleet". Copper boiler 100 psig, 4" scale.
  17. seadragonfoundry

    New members casting projects

    These are engines that I have built from scratch, i.e. made the patterns, poured the metal, machined and assembled. The thing I like about combining foundry work and machining is that when I get sick of doing one thing, a switch to the other is as good as a holiday. Have just discovered HMEM, I...
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