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  1. crueby

    MiniRad - Elmers #23 as a 6-Cylinder Radial complete

    I've always liked the #23 'Tiny' wobbler engine from Elmer Verburg, built one a number of years ago, and figured a fun variation on that theme would be a radial engine version of it. After I did a little sketching, it looked like a 6 cylinder version of it would just work at the original parts...
  2. crueby

    MiniRad - Elmers #23 as a 6-Cylinder Radial

    Back in the metal shop after a number of woodworking projects (RC tug and submarine, carvings), and decided to make something a little different but fairly straightforward. I've always liked the #23 'Tiny' wobbler engine from Elmer Verburg, built one a number of years ago, and figured a fun...
  3. crueby

    Kozo's New Shay Build Completing

    Today worked out to be a good day to take my build of Kozo's New Shay outside for some photos and movies - got the last of the water piping/valves done and painted this morning. There are still some oil lines/etc to finish it up completely, but cosmetically it is compleete and able to run on air...
  4. crueby

    Zipper pull fix

    Not an engine build, but had to take a break from parts for my Shay engine tonight to fix the zipper on my winter coat - the little stamped steel bit that holds the pull flew away at the store earlier. Rest of the jacket is still fine, so got out a bit of steel, drilled/filed/milled some holes...
  5. crueby

    Torch advice needed for boiler project

    I am currently in the middle of a build for Kozo's New Shay locomotive (3 1/2" guage), and am in the middle of hard silver soldering up the boiler sections (build thread going over in the Work In Progress section of this site). It looks like I am hitting the limit on the torches I have...
  6. crueby

    ceramic fiber tape/yarn for silver soldering?

    Getting started on the boiler for my Shay engine build, and in Kozo's book he uses a ceramic fiber yarn/tape to wrap around the boiler tubes to both hold in place and prevent overheating the tubes while silver soldering up the assembly. I did some looking around, and cant find that material...
  7. crueby

    upstate New York steam fest - Pageant of Steam

    Small local show coming up this week in Canandaigua, New York. This show has a lot of full size engines, traction engines, and tractors, along with a small building with model engines. They also have tractor pulls, and a flea market. Here is a link to their website:
  8. crueby

    flex hose for steam line??

    For hooking up a small boiler to different steam engines, the intake pipe is never at same height/angle, so I was wondering if there is a good material to use for a flexible line that would take the heat and pressure? Must ba a type of rubber or composite hose suitable. Any suggestions...
  9. crueby

    Building Kozo's New Shay locomotive

    Finally got started on a locomotive engine project - been building small steam engines for a bunch of years now, and think (hope) I am ready for a project like this one. The one part that I am still nervous about is the boiler, but hopefully by he time I get that far in I'll have a lot more...
  10. crueby

    Source for 3-48 hex head screws in steel?

    Finally got a start recently on my next project, Kozo's New Shay locomotive, and am trouble finding a source for 3-48 thread machine screws with hex head in steel, only found them so far in brass. Found plenty of 2-56 and 4-40, but they all seem to skip 3-48 in hex head, only see them in socket...
  11. crueby

    Sherline backlash modification

    As a longtime Sherline owner (currently have a 4400 lathe and also a mill), one thing that I always had trouble with was keeping the backlash adjustment on the cross-slides in proper adjustment. Sherline has done a good job with the adjustment star wheels on the threads, but where I had problems...
  12. crueby

    question for you IC tinker-erers

    Okay, this is not a question about a model engine (unless you consider this a 1:1 scale!), but given that there are so many experts here in getting cantankerous gas engines to start, thought you might be able to help with a problem that is keeping me out of the shop recently.... I got a...
  13. crueby

    Direct drive vs. geared flywheel?

    Anyone ever do an engine with the flywheel geared up or down from the main crankshaft rather than directly on it? I think I've seen that done on traction engines. Seems like it would be a way to use a smaller flywheel but still get the benefits of a larger one, but maybe with side effects on...
  14. crueby

    Double-Acting Twin-Beam Engine done

    Just finished this one - a double-acting twin-beam engine. The cylinders are 1" diameter, 2" stroke, and have a standard slide valve. The main beams ate 12" long, and are suspended by a single central post. It runs nice and slow on just a couple pounds of air (the guage on my regulator is just...
  15. crueby

    copper based solder?

    I came across a type of solder that I had not seen before, a copper solder sold for jewelry making. It is mostly copper, with 7 percent (as I recall) phosphorus. The melting point was in a simaler range as silver solder. Has anyone got any experience with this stuff? Is it suitable for...
  16. crueby

    Double-Acting Twin Beam Engine Build

    Got a start on an engine that I've been wanting to build for a while - a twin-beam double-acting steam engine, in a larger size to allow for more ornate style. I had done a Stuart Half-Beam kit years ago, think that got me going on this style. Below are some sketches that I drew up to work out...
  17. crueby

    Interesting metalworking at Mystic

    For those of you who may be interested in ships plus metalworking, here is a link to the blog at Mystic Seaport Museum, where they are rebuilding the old (1840's I think) Charles W Morgan whaleship, and are in the midst of the metalwork for the rigging. Shows a way to make some really BIG...
  18. crueby

    Mini double-acting beam engine

    While sketching up plans for my next big project, a 1" piston diameter, 2" throw double-beam engine, I decided to see how small a double-acting beam engine I could make, as a quick project since it will be a month or so till I start on the big one (in the middle of a carving project that I dont...
  19. crueby

    Double acting triple steam engine

    This is a double acting 3 cylinder engine I just completed. This one was not done from plans, but made up as I went to fit the size of the chunks of brass/steel that I had left over from previous engine and clock movement projects. Cylinders are 5/8" bore with a 1" stroke and a spool-valve with...
  20. crueby

    how to make steam throttle valve?

    Getting close to finishing up my current engine project (3-cylinder steam, build thread in WIP forum), and want to include a throttle valve on it (small version of handwheel type valve). What is the best type that can be made from bar stock, without castings? At the size of a model engine, seems...
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