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    Wooden it just!

    I realise that the members of this forum seem to have an aversion to anything to do with woodwork :rolleyes:, but stick with me and go along for the ride. Here in the Land of Oz, we have a native tree called a River Red Gum. The wood of this tree is so hard and dense that it is generally only...
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    Willans Blast Injection engine

    This thread is in support of MuellerNick and his project of making castings for a model of a MAN diesel. The engine I have access to is a 1927 Willans 3-cylinder made in England. It was designed in 1911 and made...
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    I am sure many of you will remember the devastating fires that raged through southern Australia in Feb 2007. Known locally as "Black Saturday", the fires claimed 173 lives and destroyed over 2000 homes. Whilst the loss of life can never be forgotten, many other things were destroyed as well...
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    Rhombic drive hot-air engine

    In my Welcome post I mentioned a hot-air engine I had made. Here are some pictures. The diagram shows the fundamental operation with the displacer shaft (con-rod?) passing through the centre of the power piston. The four small arms that form the rhombic drive have 3/8 x 1/8 ball bearings in each...
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    Another hello from Australia

    Hi everyone, my name is Ian and I live in the suburb of Scoresby in Melbourne. No matter which topic or thread I look at I am amazed at the helpfullness and general encouragement given by all members. Maybe I will receive some someday. :) I have built a couple of steam engines, a hot-air engine...
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