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    Lathe speeds up when cutting

    Hi Guys Sorry for being a bit late replying, I've been away for a couple of days. Great advise from all. Don1966, the speed control board does have I/R next to a pot i will try adjusting this weekend will let you know how i get on. I have tried phoning the warco company...
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    Lathe speeds up when cutting

    Hi Guys Here's my problem, Hope someone can help. When ever i put a cut on, the lathe speeds up quite a bit. Even on cuts a small as 0.0050''. The other day i was screw cutting a 12 TPI thread, when the lathe picked up speed and totally trashed my thread. It doesent matter...
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    Lathe Motor Speeding Up

    Hi Longrat Sounds like a great idea, fitting a 3 phase and vdf , i will certainly bear that it mind if it does turn out to be the controller. Got a friend coming over this weekend to check it out. Hi Jason and thanks, i was hoping you might reply as i seem to...
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    Lathe Motor Speeding Up

    Hi Longrat Thanks for your reply. Me not being too well up on electronics i will get a friend to check this for me, as me and electrics don't get on. I kind of figure if i can't see it, smell it, or touch it, i ain't going anywhere near it :big...
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    Lathe Motor Speeding Up

    Hi Guys I'm hoping some of you folks might be able to point me in the right direction. I own a Warco Wm 280 VF lathe, and whenever a put put a cut on the lathe speeds up by about 50 rpm when using the power feeds thus increasing the speed of the feed. It...
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    Face Mill

    Hi Guys Websterz: The cutter has four inserts, so i took your advise and tried reducing the number to one insert and using it as a fly cutter, it worked pretty good, Thanks for the info. Bill C: Thankyou also for your input. I too much prefer 7075 Al i find it a very...
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    Face Mill

    Hi Kvom Thanks for the speedy reply,in answer to the HP of my mill it's 1 1/2 HP and the material i was using is aluminium 7075 grade. The inserts are sandvik milling inserts for aluminium. So i went back and tried again, this time only taking a 0.005''...
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    Face Mill

    Hi Guys Recently i acquired a 50mm face mill and arbor, so i thought i would give it a try, and the result was not good. My mill sounds like every gear in there is going to smash, it makes one hell of a racket. Bearing in mind that my mill is a new one only six...
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    Dissolving a Broken Tap in Aluminum or Brass

    Hi Guys Recently i broke a 6-32 tap in a crank case, and really didn't fancy having to make it all over again, as a lot of work and hours went into it. So i took the advise of the members here, and used Alum which i purchased from a local taxidermist. The result...
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    Has anybody set up a 3 axis DRO on the Emco FB2 milling machine.

    HI Beagles I will send you an email with some pictures, hope these help in some way. My Best Regards Ken
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    Drill Chuck Arbors

    Hi Guys Sorry I've been a little while getting back to you, been away visiting family. Just like to say a big thankyou for the replies. Tin thanks for the link, i have bookmarked the site for future use. Vic thanyou also, for your link another very handy...
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    Drill Chuck Arbors

    Hi Folks I have just acquired a jacobs chuck in very good condition, but minus the arbor. The writting on the side of it reads 34-02 0-1/2in 0-13mm 2 taper and my question is this, how do i determine whether it is a MT2 - JT1 MT2 - JT2 ect. For use on my...
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    Stirling fans

    wow Doc They look great, a real work of art, you must be really pleased to see them both running. ;D Thanks for sharing Ken
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    Oiler plan (metric)

    Zapjack Thanks for the plans and taking the time to post them, they will come in handy. Ken
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    Down With the Mini Lathe

    Oh! Heck Zee Just turned one them down i was offered for free, could kick myself now. Ken
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    Merry Christmas

    Hi All I would like to wish all at HMEM and your families a Very Merry Christmas and all the Very Very Best for the New Year. Ken
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    Hi Bogs Just Downloaded the pdf File, Just like to say thankyou, this will come in very handy and thanks for taking the time to convert it to pdf. Best Regards Ken
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    Cutting Glass Test Tubes

    Hi Shred Great idea, i will have to store that one away for the future. Thanks for sharing. Ken
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    Mill Decision

    Hi Woodguy For my money i would go for the Busybeetools one, simply because it has a MT3 spindle bore, makes tooling it up better. But i could not see any mention of the machinetoolswarehouse one saying it comes with factory fitted 3 axis DRO Just...
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    hello from liverpool

    Hi Peter wEc1 aboard you gonna love it here, great bunch of people. Ken
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