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  1. J

    Spring loaded tailstock centre

    Will be doing some turning of irregularly shaped objects in the 4 jaw soon, so decided to build a spring-loaded centre so I can use a wiggler to centre the workpieces a bit more accurately than the old Mk I eyeball.. All straightforward turning and drilling, nothing too special here. The...
  2. J

    New lathe in the shop....

    Hi all Been a while, I've been working out-of-town since mid-June. I'm back home now, and look at what followed me here... One of the ubiquitous Chinese lathes, this one is 10 x 18, badged as "Craftex" So, new lathe needs a new bench... and finally found a use for the 1/4" thick...
  3. J

    Steam power saw mill

    Hi gang Browsing the WWW and found the attached... Takes a while to get there, but there IS steam power going on. These guys have given me severe band saw envy :o :o Cheers, Joe
  4. J

    Brisbane flooding

    Hi As many are no doubt aware, Brisbane is one of the many areas of Australia suffering some incredible flooding. My little sister resides in New Farm (a Brisbane suburb) right on the banks of the river..... as her flat is on the second floor, she avoided the sort of devastation that many are...
  5. J

    Really interesting for old machinery buffs

    Was reading things over on Home Shop Machinist, where somebody had posted this link. Between this and all the books Pat keeps posting, I'll never get a danged thing done around here... Happy reading.. Joe
  6. J

    Lathes & shapers and no OSHA..

    Somebody posted this site on another forum I read, thought lots here would appreciate it. Cheers, Joe
  7. J

    Model engineering show, Windsor Vermont

    Hi all Have any of you attended this show? This year's version, Saturday 30 October, actually fits in on my calendar so I'm thinking of heading on down. Recommendations for accommodations also sought... Cheers, Joe
  8. J

    Rotten day at my house

    Hi all I am extremely sad to relate that this evening I had to have my dog Max put down. He's been poorly lately, and today was no longer able to even move, let alone get up. I will miss him, he's been a great friend and companion for over 16 years. Joe
  9. J

    My version of George's tubing bender

    Hi I need a tubing bender for the exhaust, fuel, and coolant pipes on the Snow tandem that I'm building, so I got busy and made one according to the plans drawn up by George Britnell. Started by turning some drill rod to the diameter of the tube, (four times, as I've got four different sizes...
  10. J

    Taig sized ball turning gadget

    Hi I need to make a tubing bender for the Snow Tandem that I'm building... so I need to make some nicely radiused (new word for the day...? :big:) cutting tools to make the various forming wheels... so I need a ball & radius turning attachment. Chopped up a few chunks of 6061 from the stash...
  11. J

    Understanding wife

    SWMBO suggested that I go with her this morning on a short shopping expedition. As usual, I said "sure" and got in the car. Off we go to the local Sears, whereupon says herself: "pick a tool out of all this stuff that's on sale"... so I now have a shiny new 1 hp / 7 gal Craftsman compressor. I...
  12. J

    Snow Tandem Engine

    Hi all A couple of years ago when I was working on the Vertical Single that is my avatar, I had a couple of months to spare while I was waiting for the castings. So, in order to keep myself out of trouble, I started on the Snow Tandem as published in Home Shop Machinist (2006-07). Then I...
  13. J

    Source for LBSC 3 1/2" Virginia 4-4-0 electronic plans

    Craynerd I can't help with electronic plans, but have you considered going to your local photocopying establishment and having enlarged copies made? I've adopted the policy of copying any plan that is going into the shop, then I feel free to mark it up with changes, calculations, spilt tea etc...
  14. J

    Dividing head for Taig lathe/mill

    Hi all Having choked after looking at the prices of factory-made gears, I've decided that I really need to learn to cut my own. So, I need a dividing head suitable for my Taig mill and lathe. Enter Tony Jeffrees... who has designed just the beastie required (see here...
  15. J

    saving U-Tube videos

    Hi Can any of the Gurus here tell me if it possible to save video files from U-Tube to one's PC? (And if you tell me that it is possible, be so kind as to tell me how! {Imprecise question... ::)}) Thanks, Joe
  16. J

    Canada Day

    To all of the Canadians here: Have a good Canada Day woohoo1 Back to work tomorrow. Cheers, Joe
  17. J

    Thanks, Gail

    Hi all I have to single out Gail in NM with public thanks for a private service.... having asked him for information on where to find a certain tool, he not only gave me the required info, he sent me the tooling! Like it says in the masthead, a hobby COMMUNITY. Thanks, Gail. Joe
  18. J

    Video format

    Hi compy wizards... If you take as a given that I am a rank amateur in the computing world you wouldn't be overestimating my talents therein... :shrug: that said, can anyone 'splain to me how to go about changing a video clip with a extension (Quicktime) to something with an xxx.avi or...
  19. J

    TB 3 Regulators

    Hi all I'm doing the regulators and points for this one, so I've started with the regulator yokes as they are the most complex part I have to do in terms of number of operations required.... Blanks cut, faced, turned to size, bored, and counterbored all the "straight" milling done 16 of the...
  20. J

    My version of Marv's rotary table centering gadget

    I've buggered around far too long trying to guesstimate centre with the rotary table, so when Marv posted his gadget, I thought "I need one of these" and filed it for future reference. Well, the future is now as somebody no doubt said... Turned some ali as a MT1, cut it off short to fit flush...
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