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    Charter Oak Automation

    This company is a continuation of Industrial Hobbies that started up about ten years ago. They sell a larger square column mill, both manual and CNC. I never seen them mentioned when someone enquires about a larger, quality mill and am wondering if anyone has any experience with them. I know...
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    Slide Valve Use In Gas Engine

    The title pretty says it all. The engine is FUNKY, my long stroke engine. Single acting, slow running with auxiliary exhaust. I want to do this simply to be different and make people think when they see it running. Anybody have any experience in this area or can direct me to information? Bill
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    Here are the results of my enquiry at the first of the year about long stroke engines. The discussion lead to the creation of a mockup that underwent several revisions. Which had severe angle problems witch lead to strange acceleration of components. That lead to Which lead to I like...
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    Piston Material and Ring Sizing

    I am making an I.C. engine with 1" bore. It is a contraption that I have dreamed up, thus no plans to refer to. I have two problems. Problem #1, ring width. Using Maryak's spreadsheet, I calculate the ring width for a 1" piston to be .083". I say "I calculate" because the spreadsheet...
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    Make a 72 tooth worm gear without indexing?

    First of all, I'd like this thread to be a "how to", but I'm afraid the question mark in the title says it all. At best we will learn how to make one with any indexing. At worst, we will learn some things that will not work. The current state of affairs requires that a person needing to make...
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    Rotary Table Gear Ratio

    Looks like I'm going to be making a rotary table, set up with dividing plates. Looking through my gear selection, I find a 100 tooth gear with single lead worm and a 40 tooth gear, no matching worm and a smaller 20 tooth gear, single lead worm. I think I can probably make a good enough worm...
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    Long Stroke Engine

    I'm looking for a new shop project, leaning toward an I.C. engine. Requirements are that it has to be interesting, slow running and something I can build. Right now, I'm thinking of a long stoke, hit or miss, horizontal engine with 1" bore. By long stroke, I mean than four times the bore...
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    Greetings From Indiana

    Seasons Greetings to all. I have recently "completed" building a Sunbeam Alpine. The build was mostly mechanical, installing a 2002 Ford Ranger engine and transmission, Ford 8" rear, Frankenstein brakes, etc. Time to move onto another project. My shop is "full sized". 12" Chinese lathe...
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