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  1. Twmaster

    0XA tool post dovetail size?

    Those 0XA holders won't work. My dovetail is too narrow. Thank you for looking.
  2. Twmaster

    0XA tool post dovetail size?

    I've got a shop made QCTP on my little lathe. As I did not make the thing I have no idea if it was made to a pattern. Two of the toolholders appear to be commercially made and the other three are shop made. Anyhow, I want to buy a knurl holder and I see a ready made one to fit the 0XA posts...
  3. Twmaster

    Craftsman 109 Spindle Adapter (Or, I cannot believe I was afraid of threading!)

    There are a couple of groups dedicated to the old 109 family of lathes on Yahoo Groups. I'm a moderator on one group. In the years since I've been working with machine tools I've developed a soft spot for the much maligned 109 lathe. Yep, it's small, it's weak and it's not very well made. But...
  4. Twmaster

    Craftsman 109 Spindle Adapter (Or, I cannot believe I was afraid of threading!)

    RC.... Sorry I'm late to the party.... IT seems 800watt is gone or has changed usernames. I have not seen any of the little scroll chucks on FeeBay to directly fit the old 109. I have seen some NOS and used chucks that fit. And of course there is always the Bison chucks at $460!!! I'm working...
  5. Twmaster

    Hide your women, children and lathes! I'm back!

    Just wanted to pop in and once again say hi and re-introduce myself. I've been away for about 3 years. Things got pretty hard for me when I stopped coming around. Thankfully I'm alive and sorta well. Still interested in making perfectly good metal into bits for the junk box and tinkering...
  6. Twmaster


  7. Twmaster


    Marriage is like a game of cards.... At some point you have two hearts and a diamond.... Some time later you really want a club and a spade..... ;)
  8. Twmaster

    milling machine choice, what mill do you have for small engine building

    Crusty... Buy the biggest machine you can afford and deal with physically. I have a Taig Micro Mill and love the thing. Unfortunately I have outgrown a small mill. Just something to consider.
  9. Twmaster

    South Bend Lathe Steam Punk

    I found another pic from this series.... <img src="">
  10. Twmaster


    What a shame. I was always grateful for the information he posted. :( I hope he has a change of heart. He'll be missed here.
  11. Twmaster

    New ER32 chuck backplate

    John, The nut on the chuck I made is from the same MT3 -> ER25 chuck. And the inability to pass stock through the chuck is exactly why I made my chuck.
  12. Twmaster

    trade pending---- Jacobs 100 Armature chuck

    What size is the taper on the shank? What is your asking price?
  13. Twmaster

    New ER32 chuck backplate

    Nice job. I recently made an ER25 chuck for my little 7x12 lathe a couple weeks ago. I used a pre made closer nut.
  14. Twmaster

    Indicator holder

    Oh, I really like that. I'll be shamelessly borrowing that idea for my little mill. A click of Karma for YOU!
  15. Twmaster

    Homeshopmachinist down?

    I don't do Windoze crap Amen brother. Linux and Macs here. I stopped using Winders more than 10 years ago. I don't miss the IT world... Although I may have to dip my nose back into that for a job. Being unemployed sucks.
  16. Twmaster

    Homeshopmachinist down?

    Feeling guilty about something there kevin? ;)
  17. Twmaster

    $10 IKEA LED machine light

    And they charge $20 more for the same lamp with a clamp on the end.. And they do not offer this for sale on their web site. With no stores in OK.... Bleah.
  18. Twmaster

    Boring Bar question

    The suggestions from Bob and George sound like the way to go. However, I'll answer a part of your question that did not get an answer. Those boring bars. No, you cannot use TCMT inserts in place of the CCMT inserts. C style inserts have 80 degree tips. The T type has 120 degree tips. Also...
  19. Twmaster

    9 x 20 Cross-Slide improvements With Pics :)

    At that rate you'll have a completely refurbished lathe in 18.92 years! ;) Good job. My previous Chinese 7x10 lathe got the lapping treatment. Made a huge difference. Pics will be nice when you remember your camera!
  20. Twmaster

    Home built pistol

    Radfordc... I've been following your thread on Garage Gunsmithing. Nice.
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