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  1. doc1955

    help identifying aluminum alloy

    To me it looks as if someone pealed off the protective coating then put it back down and left it to corrode.
  2. doc1955

    Coming up on 2 years still enjoying it!

    It is coming up on 2 years of retirement. They did an artical in the local paper right after I retired. Still not missing the old work scene!
  3. doc1955

    First time designing sterling engine Looking for advice

    Well good luck and keep friction in mind use bearings where you can. Here is mt LTD running on some ice.
  4. doc1955

    Demon V8 (multiplied 1.5)

    If it is like the manual one it goes forward about a half turn tthen back about a quarter turn. Kind of like a washing machine. I have a few manual crank ones.
  5. doc1955

    Lathe info

    A friend of mine has one he seems happy with it. Mine is almost the same exact lathe there are a few differences mine is G4003 with the collet closer added his is the G4003g. I am also happy with mine.
  6. doc1955

    Harold Hall's precision grinding table

    Here is my set up for sharpening end mills but you'll have to watch a video to see it sorry.
  7. doc1955

    My Kerzel build

    I have a build in progress I know my vid's are not accepted real well here but here is a link to a play list
  8. doc1955

    Tiny ignition system

    Was playing with my Tiny engines I built some time back. I had an ignition box I used from engine to engine. Well I decided to put dedicated ignition systems on them and I thought whill I have them apart I would show my set up for the hall sensor. I didn't want a spark on every revolution so I...
  9. doc1955

    Mini Hog

    Sue (my wife) took some pictures of Mini Hog
  10. doc1955

    Mini Hog

    Ok have the Mini Hog mounted on its box and got the exhaust tubes nickel plated it's about ready to be put up on the shelve and move on to the next engine.
  11. doc1955

    Demon V8 (multiplied 1.5)

    Steve I second that feeling! Foketry I have been setting on the side following along things are looking nice!
  12. doc1955

    Mini Hog

    I had positioned tank down on the base and it ran good there ( seems to not care to much the height of the tank) but I just didn't like the looks of it. I didn't like the fuel hose going up and around the exhaust pipe so I made a riser mount to put it on. I have a box/stand in the works for the...
  13. doc1955

    Nickel plating my old zoomy pipes for the Little Demon

    I been wanting to try nickel and copper plating. So I decided to practice on the old zoomy pipes I made for the Little Demon engine (I since made headers). The big thing I see with the plating is you need to clean the pieces really good and warm your solution up (warming helps speed it up)...
  14. doc1955

    Mini Hog

    Ok relocated fuel tank lower didn't like where it was. I did a test run to see just how long a full fuel tank would run. So here is a video of a full tank run.
  15. doc1955

    Mini Hog

    Ok that was dumb man nothing like a simple thing to make you feel dumb once you find it LOL!
  16. doc1955

    Coming up on the 9 year mark.

    Fiend of mine got his dirt cheep the owner had moved and hardly ever used it. When he go it moved to his new spot it kept blowing the breaker. He couldn't figure it out and didn't want to spend any money fixing it so my friend bought it just for the tank. I took a look at the motor and seen it...
  17. doc1955

    Coming up on the 9 year mark.

    Lol Thats how I ended up with my compressor the reed valve was broken and the owner gave it to my just for coming and picking it up. I ended up using some spring steel shim stock. Haven't had any trouble with that (knock on wood)
  18. doc1955

    Coming up on the 9 year mark.

    Well it is about 9 years ago that I was working on some Ringbom engines when my compressor threw a rod. I milled one out of a piece of stock I had and it is still going strong (knock on wood). The compressor has been a good working unit since and it has gotten lots of usage. I would have never...
  19. doc1955

    Mini Hog

    Etched out some double ignition boards. Soldered up one of the boards and tested it out. Works as it should with a coil I wound and I also checked it with a coil pack from I believe a Ford. I used some resistors to bring the resistance up to over 1 to not over work any of the 3 IC components...
  20. doc1955

    Mini Hog

    I spent time trying to get the carb set I think I have it close. I also was still having trouble over heating my ignition board. I think I have that sorted out now. So now I can put the ignition box back together and start thinking of a display stand for it. I did square up some blocks for my...
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