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  1. MachineTom

    Is there any place to get BA Bolts / Screws in US?

    There is a site in western. NY, British Fasteners. All those sizes, taps and dies as well. Nice folks to deal with Tom
  2. MachineTom

    How to attach a sight glass?

    Look in MSC or Mcmaster, dists. all kinds from $10 up.
  3. MachineTom

    Piano wire gripper design

    There are tools called bar puller, all sizes. Used in screw machines, cnc ECT.
  4. MachineTom

    LMS Sieg SC4 Popping My Ground Fault Interrupter

    A ground fault interrupter was designed for Bathroom and kitchen use. All about moisture creating a path from hot to YOU. If you have a motor with brushes, the carbon dust creates a leakage bridge to ground, or the metal dust in a non brush motor. Leave the GFI in the bathroom where it belongs...
  5. MachineTom

    The boring bar thanks are 3/16, 1/4, 5/16. And 3/8. The shank sizes is linked to the cutter...

    The boring bar thanks are 3/16, 1/4, 5/16. And 3/8. The shank sizes is linked to the cutter size. A 360 size cutter has a 3/8 shank. There a tool holders, that accept the shank, and are .500 diameter. That is what in do when using the BB in a boring head. Tom
  6. MachineTom

    Up in pun intended.

    As a kid I used to return deposit bottles to the deli for change. Then go to the hardware store and buy 000 steel wool pads. Then wrap a small candle in paper, then wrap the steel wool around. When dark bend a coat hanger around the steel wool and light it off. Then swing it around, the sparks...
  7. MachineTom

    FS: Solid Carbide Boring Bar Micro100

    I still have these available. These are great tools, especially for small parts. They are solid carbide, sharp, and unused.
  8. MachineTom

    pre drilling for holes

    When I was 14 years old our neighbor put in a swimming pool. Every day I watched the progress, digging the hole pouring cement etc. It being summer I had all day to watch the work progress. Now it came time to install the water slide it was mid August 95 degrees and humid. I watched the worker...
  9. MachineTom

    Questing about a flywheel casting issue.

    Odd that they left a piece to hold the 2 mold halfs apart. As the flywheel is split, would not seem to be needed.
  10. MachineTom

    Making shim washers

    AN addition to what has already been posted. To get a right OD, turn a piece of AL to the needed size, put a counter sunk hole for a center. Now part off, then sand, f Ile, turn to size of the AL you turned . Used this I glass with a file, came out great Tom
  11. MachineTom

    Struggling to tap some stainless.

    All good ideas already, so another. 303 hardens easily, notice the chips color, and if you get a piece like a cap, as the drill breaks through. That cap means the last bit of material was over heated, and is now hardened. Two things to do, First use a piece of ALas a backer, this will pull...
  12. MachineTom

    4 jaw chuck selection--Self centering or individual jaw adjustment type

    how do you hold hex stock, in a scroll 4 jaw, and be concentric?
  13. MachineTom

    help mobile crane advice on workshop wheels

    Well that certainly covers the range of products. Thoughts since you are posting here I will make some assumptions: you are a one man band, you shop is less than 100o FtSq, You are not a multi-millionaire. So what to lift up, lathe chucks, work pieces, maybe a piece of a machine, but not a...
  14. MachineTom

    Jaws Milling Vise

    I am still making these, using D-2 material, hardened to 55+ RHC.
  15. MachineTom

    valve lapping problem

    The valve and seat will have a dull gray finish after lapping, This is because 500-600 is not for polishing, and there is no need for it anyway.
  16. MachineTom

    Servo Drive For a lathe Compound

    I have not done a servo install so my knowledge is limited in that field. But I have done a stepper install on my grinder, 2 axis. One of the benefits of the stepper install, was industrial level components available used, at great prices. I also did a 2 axis dividing head and slide build...
  17. MachineTom

    Shop Tricks for Disabilities

    That is a Monarch 10EE. That originally had a Tube drive, BIG vacuum tubes made DC current to drive monster 5hp motor. I replaced with a 5hp motor VFD drive. The lathe will swing 12", but rated as a 10", rather stout 3200lbs. Love It. First photo shows the Surface Grinder, as well as a Myford...
  18. MachineTom

    Shop Tricks for Disabilities

    I have added more wonderful tools to burden my kids with when I am gone. As well as use while still here. View of the shop . The shelves used to be stocked with a decade worth of business records, all gone now. There are 4 roll out shelves currently, with enough slides for half dozen more...
  19. MachineTom

    Need help with pricing!

    Most of those items are no name Chinese, Tops of $25 for any of them, The Test indicators maybe 40 -50, incomplete Collet holder missing the common sizes $20, The broach set $20. You have been a member 5 years, really.
  20. MachineTom

    Why a forum on disabilities?

    Last I heard your name was Norman, still sharing most useful and not thoughts, that often bring a smile to the reader. The general thought is that if you live to 65, you can expect to live 20 years more. So occasionally I test that idea with the local newspaper. I find that the obits proves...
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