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    For my other hobby...

    I collect old/antique measuring devices and hand tools and of course I need some place nice to store them.... And that just arrived today! :D It still needs hinges and feet but just now I really like the way it looks! :D
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    Loooong Swarf becomes a ratsnest -- how to avoid it?

    Is it toolbit or brazed carbide?
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    Dependant On Technology

    :D :D :D :D :D
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    Dependant On Technology

    Something I've noticed with a lot of the digital tools is that the more you pay for it the longer the battery time. I use a TESA at work and it usually takes a year before the battery is dead. At home I used to use a cheat diesella and I had to change the battery about every month. threw it away...
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    Dependant On Technology

    Look at you old people! Sitting there rambling about the good old days and those pesky young people who can't do anything without technology! ;D To quote Tin Falcon: 'Bet those young kids do not know how to use a slide rule either LOL.' No we don't and we don't need to! :P Why did you learn to...
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    looking for a machinist....

    I'm currently in China so for some strange reason I cant get into my gmail account (Wonder why? ;D ) So I'll email you when I get back to Denmark. Just one question: what is the dimension on the groove?
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    looking for a machinist....

    Hey Dennis where in DK are you located? I might be able to help.
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    Chinese machinery and tools

    I dont know about hong kong or Shenzhen, but 2hours away from Shenzhen lies Qiaotou (Donguan, Guandong) When you in Qiaotou walk down the Mainstreet you meet a large bowlingpin. down that street there is a lot of hardware shops. The first one on the left side is really nice and the owner is...
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    A Borg-Warner T-5 transmission in 1/3 scale

    I was wondering if you have it as a solid? I would like to take a look at it perhaps convert it to metric?
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    Wohlhaupter head

    They still make their boring and facing UPA heads. Not UPA1 and UPA2 but still UPA3-6 Really nice tools! ;D They actually still scrape the ways on the UPA's. Their digibore line is amazing! I believe that the entire line is selfbalancing and you really avoid a lot of mistakes with the digital...
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    Chinese machinery and tools

    Some pictures Small grinding vices Large vice A stamper Some of what seems like a handpowered slotter Press Bought a few diamond dressers Coolant pumps Carbide Bought two vices Grindig wheels
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    Wohlhaupter head

    A few months ago I visited the Wohlhaupter factory in Frickenhausen and I was very impressed with the German handwork, Something that testifies to the quality of Wohlhaupter is that they quite often decide to repair a damaged tool rather than make a new one! On the factory I saw a boring tool...
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    Chinese machinery and tools

    Right at the moment I'm visiting china (Qintao (or Qiandao or how it is spelled?) in the Guangdong region) And there is a LOT of small machine shops in the area, I haven't been to one visit one of the yet but I will in a few days. However I have been to a shop that sells machine tools!(and...
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    Bowl Turning Lathe

    Has there been more progress? looking forward to it!
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    Motorcycle stator rewire job

    Interesting please keep posting! Looks like something that may come in handy at some time!
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    What I've been doing for the last couple of days...

    So thats how a box spring mattress looks like on the inside! ;D Removing staples is without a doubt something that shows true love! :)
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    My sanctuary or retreat.

    Looks cosy! :)
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    Tin's QCTP x 4

    Nice! I like the idea of standardizing tooling, makes everything much easier. So did you cut the dovetails on the shaper or? Pictures would be appreciated! :)
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    Tin's QCTP x 4

    Looks nice! But why 4? :) Please tell me it is because you have 4 small lathes placed different places around the house! ;D That would be cool! ;D
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    Casto Saw

    Quite long and they should last a lot longer now because with coolant in the cylinder it makes a much softer stroke, also having different blades with various teeth numbers helps! It is a nice saw, but bandsaws are faster and cheaper in the long run(if you get one with a blade brush)
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