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  1. sunworksco

    Ceramic Shell Casting Steel

    I am wanting to learn the best method of having a pair of steel bicycle pedal arms cast, using ceramic shell investment casting method. I can have 3-D printed arms made into models that burn out for the lost wax casting process. What percentage of upsizing the 3-D printed model should be given...
  2. sunworksco

    304Cu Stainless Steel

    I'm thinking about using this type of stainless steel material for my scale model wheels. 304Cu Stainless Steel Schmolz + Bickenbach UGIMA® 304 Cu Stainless Steal Bars Categories: Metal; Ferrous Metal; Austenitic; Stainless Steel; T 300 Series Stainless Steel Material...
  3. sunworksco

    3/32" Copper Sheet

    Can anyone tell me what metal supplier can sell me a 3" x 8' x 3/32" copper sheet in the San Francisco Bay Area?
  4. sunworksco

    Digital Tool for Measuring Radio Control Servo Torque

    What kind of digital tool can be used for measuring torque on a radio control servo?
  5. sunworksco

    7.5" Diameter Copper Boiler

    I'm planning to build a few 7.5" diameter boilers in copper and considering using finger joints. Anyone have any advice about this method?
  6. sunworksco

    Copper Boiler Fabrication

    I'm getting ready to build a 7.5" diameter x 4.5" height all-copper boiler. The wall thickness will be 1/8" and the working steam pressure of 150psi. Will I need any stays? ??? I'm going to roll copper plate to form the tank shell and copper rivet the seam together then silver solder the...
  7. sunworksco

    Want to convert scale drawings to 3D computer files

    Where can I have my steam engine drawings converted to 3D computer files? Regards, Giovanni
  8. sunworksco

    1/5th Scale 1906 Stanley Steam Engine

    I'm building a 1/5th scale 1906 Stanley 2-cylinder steam engine. I'm planning to cast some silicon brass steam engine cylinders but want to get some knowledge for casting in some hollow passages for the steam chest valve ports. Anyone have any ideas what material I can use when making the...
  9. sunworksco

    Lathe Swing-over

    I am a little confused as to what diameter solid round a metal lathe can turn. Someone told me that a 6" x 12" lathe will turn a 12" solid round, being that the 6" dimension is the radius of the diameter that can be chucked and turned. What will this Atlas 6" lathe handle? Can someone educate...
  10. sunworksco

    260 Brass Metal Spinning Project

    I need help in how to go about having some 260 brass that is 1/8" thickness x 1/4" width flat rings cut from a 12" x 12" plate. The rings will be 10-1/4" OD and progressively smaller. I am metal spinning a torpedo hull that is 47" length and will have 5 sections. The rings are for sectioning the...
  11. sunworksco

    All- Copper Boiler Build

    I'm building a boiler from David Phillip's drawings. I'm building it with 12" OD x .405 Wall copper tubing and 3/8" thick copper plate for the top/bottom. Can I hard solder the joints with Sil-Phos solder? Thanks, Giovanni