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  1. b.lindsey

    Hurricane Sandy

    Rick, i hope you and all in the affected areas fared well. This was a nasty one!! Tin....glad you made out ok!! Bill
  2. b.lindsey

    Hi from SE TN!

    Welcome Jerry from just over the mountains here in NC. Bill
  3. b.lindsey

    1/4 Scale Rider-Ericsson Pumping Engine

    Brian....sorry for the delay...have been out of town for last 5 days. I used just a piece of 1/4" dia craytex (rubberized abrasive) extended from a collet in the mill and dressed it several times during the process. Bill
  4. b.lindsey

    Hello all

    Welcome Patrick. Please feel free to ask questions, most of us have been down the same road are here to help. Bill
  5. b.lindsey

    1/4 Scale Rider-Ericsson Pumping Engine

    A short update to the work on the pump over the last day or so, some bling, which is uncharacteristic for me, and I received yesterday the globe valves from PMR, one of which will be for the priming cup which I still have to make. A few pictures follow
  6. b.lindsey

    1/4 Scale Rider-Ericsson Pumping Engine

    Don, either the dogs were barking approval at seeing it finally run or terrified of the fire breathing dragon looming over their heads...I think the later is probably more likely ;)
  7. b.lindsey

    New guy from Upstate NY

    Welcome Todd, it sounds like you will fit in here just fine!!!:)
  8. b.lindsey

    1/4 Scale Rider-Ericsson Pumping Engine

    Thanks guys, I will post more once the painting and remainder of the fittings are done. Bill
  9. b.lindsey

    1/4 Scale Rider-Ericsson Pumping Engine

    Here is an initial video of the engine under power. It not finished yet but the final plumbing and valve work can be done while I am painting the rest of it.
  10. b.lindsey

    first engine build

    Nice job on the oscillator...the first one is always special too!! So what do you hahve on the drawing board for a next project? Bill
  11. b.lindsey

    New member intro & Shop pics

    Beautiful shop Whisper...way too clean...but nice Welcome to the forum too. Bill
  12. b.lindsey

    PM Research No. 1 Build

    Brian, All the work and attention to details really paid off...thta is one beautiful model and the base sets it off perfectly too!!! Well done. BIll
  13. b.lindsey

    New here & flamelicker ?

    You minght try these guys...I have used them before with good results. Bill
  14. b.lindsey

    Beginner plan?

    Charlie, you may have seen already some of the hoglet and webster build logs which may be a starting point. Not sure they are true beginner models but depending on skill levels and experience, probably doable. There are far more experienced IC guys here that I hope will offer further and no...
  15. b.lindsey

    new member

    Welcome Zane, and thanks for the introduction. Hopefully some of the members more into multi-cylinder small IC engines will be able to help with your question. Some pictures of the "beast" might be helpful too. Regards, Bill
  16. b.lindsey

    new member

    Welcome to HMEM Art. Happy you found the forum. And are always good too!! Regards, Bill
  17. b.lindsey

    Browser help

    Thanks Don, i'll give it a try. Bill
  18. b.lindsey

    Browser help

    I am trying to log in on my netbook with Win XP and IE8. Keep getting a 404 error. No issues with home desktop, work desktop, or smartphone. What do i need to do? Bill
  19. b.lindsey

    Threw out entire set of castings

    Sorry to hear that...castings are not the easiest thing to begin on though. Start with something simple made from bar stock to build your skills and confidence up. Mistakes are less expensivie too!! Welcome to the forum by the way and when you can maybe post an introduction in the welcome...
  20. b.lindsey

    Brian builds Atkinson Engine

    Ouch is right Brian!!! Pricey little buggers. Bill