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  1. Sprocket

    25 HP Nash

    I first saw this engine at the 2019 NAMES show. Can't remember for certain who had made it, but he also had a really nice Lanz tractor. I asked where I could get the plans and he said, "Be patient, watch Village Press ". If anyone knows the modelers name, help me out, that was some sensory...
  2. Sprocket

    No longer a UFO - Gearless Hit and Miss

    I think it is done. Some finished pictures of my Philip Duclos "Gearless Hit and Miss" engine from plans in Home Shop Machinist in 1993. Wire management. Governor...
  3. Sprocket

    DRO question

    I've decided my mill really needs a DRO. I find them for 3 axis, but also with a 4th for the quill. Does anybody have/use a quill DRO and do you find it to be useful? Thanks, Doug
  4. Sprocket

    Back to work on my UFO

    My wife is a quilter, and their term for any incomplete project that has been put aside is a UFO, UnFinished Object. She also figures that what I make are quilts, of a kind because we both take big pieces of material, cut them up into smaller pieces, then put them back together. And we both use...
  5. Sprocket


    How do I get back to my profile to update it? It's been a long time... Doug
  6. Sprocket

    American Precision Museum Model Engineering show

    If anyone is in the New England area, you might enjoy this. It is the 8th year they have held this show. Not huge, but a nice mix of models. Admission also gets you into the American Precision Museum just down the street . This will be the last weekend before they close for the winter I...
  7. Sprocket

    Split Bushing

    I had never made one of these before, but the engine I'm working on called for one, so here it is I sawed the bronze rod to a little more than half its diameter, then milled it to exactly half its diameter and a little more than twice the length of your bushing. Cut off a piece a little...
  8. Sprocket

    A couple of Philip Duclos Designs

    I have built a couple of Philip Duclos designed engines over the last few years. I enjoy his designs for the variety and maybe even whimsy. Each solves the problems in a different way. Another thread showed the "Gearless" This is the "Maverick" another gearless engine. It uses an indexer...