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    Actuator on Bench Mounted press or brake

    Anyone added an actuator onto a press brake or bench mounted press? Looking at alternative options to air power or oil hydraulic. I found one instance in an old auction catalogue so far, of a custom modification of a bench mounted punch/press, just a couple of images on google, but no others...
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    Deburr aluminium thin sheet

    Whilst not home model, DIY engineers are always the most versatile I find for solutions. Having used a Noga single deburr tool for some time it's brilliant, and tried and failed to get any decent consistent result with the twin wheel version, I'm on the look out of alternatives. Both the hand...
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    Hydraulic Knockout Punches UK/ Metric

    Hi, Anyone use these tools, specifically the cheaper chinese versions? My question is, as most of the sellers copy & paste the same vague spec sheet: Does anyone have info on the supplied draw bars? They refer to the smaller pilot hole 11.5mm for the smaller punches, then fail to give the...